Are Podcasts Helpful for Web Developers?

podcast for web developers

Are Podcasts Helpful for Web Developers?

Web developers are in high demand, and they may wonder, “Are podcasts helpful to web developers?” Finding the time to network, attend conferences or read a whole tech magazine or long article online can be a challenge, and listening to podcasts could solve part of that problem. There are many reasons to listen to podcasts, and it will help to focus on a couple that are a good fit for an individual’s personality and preferred listening style.

Reasons Why People Listen to Podcasts

Some people simply do not like silence. For a web developer who spends a lot of their time working alone, they may want some background conversation. Some people feel that listening while they work helps them concentrate on their tasks. Others feel that they are more productive if they have something to listen to while doing a monotonous task. In this case, it would depend on the individual web developer if listening to a podcast while they work is a good idea.

Warm Up the Brain

Some people feel bored if they are just sitting or standing on a train or bus ride to and from work. When listening to a podcast, the brain has something to pay attention to. The brain gets some exercise. It can start thinking and make connections with past experiences or knowledge. A person who listens to a thought-provoking podcast on web development before arriving at work might get a new idea on how to solve a problem that has been plaguing them.

People Like Stories

According to The Cut, listening to a podcast is like listening to a story. For thousands of years, human culture has centered around the oral sharing of information. A few hundred years ago, people traded stories about hunting, seeing something spectacular or funny things that they did during their younger years. Before that, people sat around the fire and told stories in order to explain things that they did not understand. Story telling has also been an important way to pass down traditions, stay connected with group members and keep track of a group’s history. Listening to a podcast works the same way.

Attain a High Level of Concentration

Web developers often have a lot of tasks to do at the same time. Listening to a podcast outside of work helps a person hone their level of concentration. It is necessary to focus on what the podcast host or guest is saying. On the other hand, a web developer who spends their whole day in intense concentration on a difficult task or challenging problem might not want any more rigorous brain tasks. They might want to just let their minds wander. In this case, listening to occasional podcast episodes may be wise.

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There are a lot of podcasts geared to web developers and similar information technology professionals. With so many to choose from, a web developer might want to listen to one or two episodes from 10 or more different sources, then select one or two to keep up with during their leisure time, exercise routine or commute to work. Knowing the answer to, “Are podcasts helpful for web developers?” could help a person plan what to listen to on their way to and from work, errands, while exercising or when relaxing.

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