5 Great Criminal Justice Jobs

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  • Private Investigator, Detective
  • US Marshal
  • Forensic Analyst
  • Probation Officer
  • Attorney

For those interested in a career in criminal justice, there are plenty of great criminal justice jobs out there to be had. From the front lines of law enforcement to the back offices of the administrative efforts that also make it all happen, there is a vast field here to choose from. If this sounds like you, follow along as we take a quick look at five great criminal justice careers today.

Private Investigator, Detective

Private investigators and detectives, although different positions, actually do very much the same kind of work. Private investigators work as private entities who do investigative work for the client who hires them privately. Detectives do the same type of deep investigative work, but within an actual police department. Detectives typically require some policing experience beforehand and have access to many more investigative tools and resources. Both of these investigative positions, however, carry a healthy future projection and make for great life-long careers for many.

US Marshal

United States marshals, also known as federal marshals, are basically federal police officers. These officers hold jurisdiction in all US territory and are often enlisted to investigate, track, and work with various other law enforcement agencies to capture suspected criminals. This is a highly respected position in law enforcement that requires dedication and the ability to travel anywhere in the country at a moments notice.

Forensic Analyst

Forensic analysts work behind the scenes to decipher the hidden clues strewn deep within all types of evidence. When certain crimes occur, police gather evidence and bring it back to headquarters for the analyst to then utilize science to completely analyze it. Sometimes, the forensic analyst will also go out into the field to gather evidence, collect samples, and the like themselves. As a testament to the growing importance of those in this role, this position is likely the fastest growing on our list with the Bureau of Labor Statistics listing it at a continued 17% growth rate.

Probation Officer

When some people get into legal trouble, as part of their court sentencing, they are ordered to enroll in probation. Probation means that the individual is under particular restrictions from the court to behave in certain ways, to attend certain programs, and to otherwise not break laws. The probation officer is then the court administrator in charge of overseeing the individual as well as keeping in regular contact with them. As demand stays steady for such court services, this position is one that will not fade out any time soon.


Last, but absolutely not least of roles in this list of great criminal justice careers, is that of today’s defense and prosecuting attorneys. Of the occupations on this list, these careers require the most preparation and education to enter, but the rewards can be exponential. Prosecuting attorneys typically work for the government and work to prove to courts the crimes of those brought forward there for trial. On the other hand, defense attorneys are typically private business entities, hired privately to go to court and disprove the prosecuting attorney’s efforts and prove innocence or better standing of some sort to the court with regard to the accused party.

When it comes to criminal justice careers, there are many to choose from. The above-mentioned career choices are among some of the best right now in this field.

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