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Top 10 Affordable Associate’s in Health Services Administration Online

Badge for our ranking of health services administration associate's degreesWelcome to the 21st century in educational options that are both affordable and flexible. Study for your online associate’s in health services administration at your favorite local café or at home in your pajamas, when and where you prefer. An affordable online associate degree (A.D.) program in health services administration (HSA) can be your ticket to enter this dynamic and growing field. Healthcare management and healthcare administration are similar and interchangeable degrees, sharing comparable core courses and electives as an associate’s in health services administration online. If you are already working, have childcare, eldercare or other responsibilities that keep you from attending a brick and mortar school, these programs can help pave your way to future employment in healthcare administration.

Rankings of the Most Affordable Health Services Online Associate’s:

    • #1 Martinsburg College
    • #2 Iowa Central Community College
    • #3 Harrisburg Area Community College
    • #4 Oklahoma State University
    • #5 Florida National University
    • #6 Pima Medical Institute
    • #7 Manor College
    • #8 Bryant & Stratton College
    • #9 Community Care College
    • #10 Keiser University

Are you are a go-getter looking to get ahead? If you are interested in entering this growing field and have an interest in being an asset to the healthcare industry, then check out these online programs to find one that fits your budget and education needs.


Out of an initial pool of 17 accredited online associate degree programs in health services administration, 10 were chosen to be listed as the top 10 most affordable online degrees. College Navigator was used to determine tuition rates. Where both in-state and out-of-state tuition are listed, the out-of-state tuition rate was used for ranking purposes. Program information was compiled using the school websites. Programs are ranked according to affordability by tuition rate.

#10 Keiser University

Online Associate’s Health Services Administration

Tuition $21,008

School Profile

An Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree in Health Services Administration from Keiser University provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for getting that entry level position in healthcare administration. This 60-credit program promises to prepare students in business and health services administration with courses in business law, management, marketing, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and office management. Program requirements include 24 credits for core classes that include: Medical Office Administration and Billing; Entrepreneurship; Principles of Health Services Administration; Healthcare Computer Applications; CPT Coding for Health Services Administration; Healthcare Medical Terminology; Principles of Management; and Human Resource Management. The remaining 36 credits required are chosen from a list of General Education that includes classes in Mathematics, Natural Science, English, Economics, Behavior/Social Science, Computers, Communications, and Humanities/Fine Arts.

#9 Community Care College

Online Associate of Occupational Degree in Healthcare Administration

Tuition $17,508

School Profile

Students enrolled in Community Care College’s online program can expect to complete this associate of occupational degree in healthcare administration online (HCA) in as little as 22 months. This program prepares students for the workplace and for managing front desk operations, appointment scheduling, billing, insurance claim filing, diagnostic coding, electronic medical records (EMR) and patient communication. Office management and administrative skills developed through this HCA program will have students prepared for entry-level positions in physician offices, hospitals and medical clinics. Business and communication skills, organizational and critical thinking and time management skills are enhanced and developed through this online program. In addition to online lectures,  a virtual internship experience is required and further develops skills and confidence for entering this growing field.

#8  Bryant & Stratton College

Online Associate’s in Health Services Administration

Tuition $17,283

School Profile

This 60-credit associate’s in health services administration online prepares students for the growing career opportunities available in the business and administration side of the ever changing healthcare industry. A foundation with knowledge and skills in finance and payroll, management and staffing, administrative coordination and basic business management will help develop the skills needed to launch a career in this growing industry. This program includes courses that will teach ethical and legal communication techniques that are specific to the healthcare industry, as well as help students gain business management skills and understanding. Graduates will be prepared to manage the diverse aspects of a physician’s office or an office in a hospital or long term care operation. This program’s goal is to produce well-rounded and skilled graduates that are job-ready.

#7 Manor College

Online Associate’s in Healthcare Administration

Tuition $17,179

School Profile

This 61-credit associate degree in healthcare administration online can help to pave your way to entering the growing and increasingly more complex healthcare field. Graduates of the online healthcare administration program at Manor College qualify to work in both a business or healthcare setting, serving their community as a healthcare office manager, health educator or health advocate. Healthcare administrators are a vital part of the healthcare team, helping to maintain their organization and community access to accessible and affordable healthcare. Manor’s flexible scheduling and low student to teacher ratio gives students personalized attention to help advance academically and in the profession. Although not required, taking the SAT will provide opportunity to apply for scholarships. With 96% of their students receiving financial aid, Manor College is committed to making education affordable and accessible.

#6  Pima Medical Institute

Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration Online

Tuition $13,377

School Profile

This 64-credit associate’s in healthcare administration (HCA) online can be completed in as little as 18 months and offers opportunity to transfer up to 24 credits to further accelerate the program. This HCA program provides an overview of business, administration, and organization in the healthcare system. Introduction to health information technology (HIT), psychology, finance, computers, business communication, and management in healthcare provides the overview for an entry level position in healthcare administration. Courses include Health Care Management, Medical Law and Ethics, Human Resources Management, and Introduction to Health Care System, among others. This program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue an administrative position in the healthcare system. Students that graduate from this associate program may consider seamlessly continuing their education though Pima Medical Institute’s online bachelor’s in health care administration.

#5 Florida National University

Associate of Arts Degree in Health Services Online

Tuition $13,688

School Profile

This affordable 61-credit health services administration online degree takes 2 years to complete, providing the knowledge and skills to enter the Health Services field. The 22-credit core course requirements include Principles of Business Management, Principles of Accounting/Lab, Medical Terminology, Introduction to Health Care, Medical Office Management, Medical Office Procedures, and Medical Insurance/Coding & Billing. Scholarship opportunities are available to qualified students, including a scholarship for international students pursuing their online associate’s. Some scholarships from the school include a community service hour requirement. This associate of arts program is designed for students who wish to continue their education and pursue a higher level degree in health services administration.

#4 Oklahoma State University

Online Associate’s Healthcare Administration

Tuition $10,594 (out of state)

$4,498 (in state)

School Profile

This 63-credit program can be completed in 2 years and includes 23 credits in core classes. Core courses include medical/biological terminology, health care systems/operations, medical legal and ethical issues, third party pay/health issues, health care billing and coding, health care management, health care human resources management, and health care provider relationships. This affordable online associate’s healthcare administration provides the tools, skills and knowledge needed to support healthcare organizations. Graduates entering this career field are in-demand and will find a variety of career paths from which to choose, including: hospital administration, sales & marketing, customer care, front office management, and billing/coding and information technology.

#3 Harrisburg Area Community College

Online Associate’s Healthcare Management

Tuition Out of State $9435

In State $7935

In District $6683

School Profile

This 60-credit AAS degree will prepare students for entry into Healthcare Management and employment in health practitioner offices, long-term care facilities and wellness centers. Students will learn accounting, marketing, and management principles that will be applicable in the healthcare management workplace environment. Graduates will be trained to use critical thinking skills to help solve problems in their role in healthcare management, and be prepared to work effectively with diverse backgrounds. Courses prepare students to work and communicate in a professional manner through writing, speaking and electronic communication. HACC’s AAS degree is designed to transfer to a variety of four-year programs with no credit loss.

#2  Iowa Central Community College

Online Associate’s Healthcare Administration

Tuition $7980 (Out of State)

$5490 (In State)

School Profile

This 66-credit highly affordable associate’s in healthcare administration online is designed for full-time student to complete in approximately two years. This quality program has among the lowest tuition cost to earn an associate level degree in healthcare administration, both in and out of state. Upon graduation, students will have the tools and skills needed to thrive and become a leader in today’s healthcare administration sector. Graduates will be prepared to plan, supervise, and direct delivery of healthcare in an entry level position. This online program has classes beginning every four weeks. All students may use economical eBooks, which are included with all courses for a fee, so students never need to purchase additional books (students may opt out of this program and purchase physical books if preferred). Distance learning financial aid may be available to qualified students enrolled in the program.

#1 Martinsburg College

Online Associate’s in Healthcare Administration

Tuition $3996

School Profile

This 60-credit AS in Healthcare Administration online is not only affordable, but also has the added option for a variety of certificates. These “Stackable Credentials” let students apply certificate credits into the healthcare administration degree. Certificates in Pharmacy Technician, Surgical Instrument Processing, Medical Office Administration, Healthcare Administration Technology, or Comprehensive Medical Transcription are able to be earned and applied to the AS degree, giving students added marketability. Certificate courses may be taken once core courses are complete. The associate of science in healthcare administration offers students foundational skills that healthcare administration requires, using information and technology. Experience using the practice management software, Medisoft, helps students learn to manage patient billing and health records, further preparing them for entry into healthcare administration as a career.


Are there a variety of areas of work to enter with an affordable online associate’s healthcare management?

Graduates entering this career field are in-demand and will find a variety of career paths from which to choose, including: hospital administration, sales & marketing, customer care, front office management, and billing/coding and information technology.

How will an affordable associate degree in health services administration online advance my career?

An associate’s in health services administration is an excellent means to getting an entry level position. If you find that you are a good fit for the work, consider completing a bachelor’s degree to continue advancing in the field.

What is the benefit of earning a health services associate’s in an online format?

Students who have responsibilities such as childcare, eldercare or jobs that would make it difficult to attend class in person could benefit from the flexibility of an online format to complete their degree. If someone is between jobs, it may be convenient and a good use of time to work towards a degree online. Being able to learn where and when you want is often appealing to people.

Can an online associate degree in health services administration prepare a student to complete a bachelor degree or another higher degree?

Yes, an A.D. in health services administration online can pave the way to a bachelor’s degree or beyond. It is beneficial to research where you would like to obtain your next degree so that you can make sure you have all requirements covered.

What is the career outlook in Health Services Administration?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of medical and health services managers will grow 20 percent during 2016-2026, which is faster than the average of all occupations. Due to the aging of the baby-boom population, an increased demand for healthcare services is predicted.

How much money can someone expect to be paid with an online associate’s health services administration?

According to, the average salary for someone with an A.D. in health services administration is $49,000/year. Pay rates vary according to market demands and location.

Can I continue to work at my current job while studying for an associate degree in health services administration online?

Many prefer to continue working while completing their online degree. The ability to study when and where it is convenient gives students the opportunity to advance while continuing to take care of current responsibilities such as a job. Sometimes employers will have a tuition benefit that makes it possible for people to complete their degrees economically.

How can I pay for my online associate’s health services administration?

Many employers provide a tuition benefit to their employees to encourage professional development. Scholarships are often available to those who qualify and apply. Federal student loans and grants are a good option for many students who wish to complete their degree to advance in their career. Other students may save in advance to pay for tuition, or pay as they go to school and work.

Do I have to have computer skills to complete my associate’s in health services administration online?

Basic computer skills will help online students be successful and will help them be confident from the start. Knowing how to utilize the internet to look up needed information and knowledge of Word and Excel would also be helpful. Knowing what is required to complete the program would be important to understand before beginning the first course.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for an online degree in healthcare administration?

Some characteristics of a student who would be successful completing an online degree include good academic skills, ability to learn and study independently, good organizational skills, and basic computer and technical skills. Students in an online degree program need to be willing to devote the time and effort needed to be successful in a traditional course.

What personal traits are a good fit for a career in Health Services Administration?

This career may be a good fit for your career goals if you are detail oriented and organized. People working in Health Services Administration should be compassionate and work well with other people.  If you’re a creative problem solver who can multitask and work well under pressure, consider this career. Other traits that can help you be successful in this field: business sense, interest in healthcare industry, good people skills, good communication skills, and are comfortable leading others.

What kind of companies may hire someone with an associate degree in health services administration besides a hospital or clinic?

Other places to begin your job search besides a hospital include physician offices, nursing homes, health insurance companies, rehabilitation centers, colleges or universities, institutions that do research, behavioral health organizations or healthcare associations.

What job titles might someone with an online associate’s in health services administration have?

Some titles for someone with this degree would include Medical Secretary, Patient Services Representative, Operations Assistant, Administrative Coordinator, or Administrative Support Specialist.

By Carol Dolan BS RN BSN CDE

Carol graduated with her BS in Nutrition from Montclair State University and her BSN in Nursing from Rowan University. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) currently working with adults and children living with diabetes in both outpatient and inpatient settings.


This concludes our ranking of the top 10 most affordable online associate’s in health services administration degrees.