What Careers are in Business Administration?

There has been a lot of talk recently about what types of careers in business administration are available. It’s an important discussion because it’s often the major is chosen first by most of America’s billionaires, according to Business Insider.

Human Resources Management

One of the best careers for business administration students to consider is that of a human resources manager. This position is possible to obtain with just a bachelor’s degree, although senior-level positions are only available after a graduate degree has been earned. Professionals in this career work in human resources as supervisors and are responsible for interviewing, hiring, and letting employees go. Their responsibilities can also include designing and implementing human resources policies, such as ethics, code of conduct, and more.

Senior Business Analyst

A senior business analyst is a career open to graduate business administration students. This position is integral to a company’s health, especially as technology becomes the new path forward for these entities. Career professionals in this field focus on a company’s structure, aiding their employers to make the company leaner, more efficient, and more competitive in a growing market. These professionals can work for a company as an employee or be self-employed. Business analysts often work in a consultant capacity and work for businesses as short-term contractors. Many also choose to specialize in a particular industry, such as healthcare or technology.


Those who go on to build their education further with a master’s degree in business administration will find that several executive positions within a company or business will be open to them. This can range from a vice-president position all the way up to CEO, depending on the company and their needs. Positions are available in a wide range of industries and can include start-ups, small firms, and multinational companies. It is also possible for business administration professionals to build their own company, using their background as an advantage when seeking out angel investors.


If a student goes on to earn a terminal degree in business education, such as a doctoral degree, then education is a popular path forward. That’s because, with a doctorate, students can join the faculty at a major college or university. It’s a great option for those who are passionate about business and want to be able to educate the next generation of business owners and operators. Many professionals also choose to work in the field prior to taking on a position at an institution, enabling them to teach from an experienced professional’s perspective.

Investment Analyst

An investment analyst is a unique career that business administration doctoral students may be interested in. This position is in demand by banks, multinational corporations, and investment firms.  Students with a terminal degree that specializes in business administration and finance are especially sought after. The position enables professionals the opportunity to analyze investment portfolios, potential agreements, and any investments that may not be suitable for the company’s growth plan. While this position does require quite a bit of education, it also has a high salary, complete with bonuses, profit sharing, and other benefits.

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The business field is growing fast, and with technology changing the scope of what businesses can do, the field is going to require more professionals that can keep up with it’s demands. That’s why learning about the different options available with business administration is important and necessary.