5 Important Careers in Graphic Design

careers in graphic design

  • Multimedia Design
  • Web Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Flash Designer
  • Photoshop Artist

Graphic design, which is the practice of visually communicating something through the use of illustrations, pictures, typography and graphic designs, is used in many areas of our lives. Whether it’s the colorful television commercial, the billboard along the highway or a website from a favorite online store, we’re looking at some kind of graphic design. Graphic design is not only an interesting career on its own but also offers various other careers based on graphic design.

1. Multimedia Design

Multimedia design is probably one of the most common jobs in the graphic design field. An individual who is already a graphic designer will not need to develop too many more skills to be a successful multimedia designer. Through the use of sound, art and design skills, multimedia designers create audio, video and animated images. They make scale models, plans, drawings and sketches. Some of their job duties include designing props, costumes and sets; directing things on the set and assisting with sound and lighting. This field is very popular and very competitive, but it also offers good pay. Multimedia designers often work with film and television production companies.

2. Web Designer

Each time we go to a website online, we’re looking at something created by a Web designer. Although Web designers and graphic designers are often thought of as the same individual, they’re actually different. The graphic designer typically is the individual who creates the designs, graphics and logos that go on a website while the web designer actually puts them on the website and make the website functional. A Web designer should be skillful in not just web design and graphic design but also computer programming. The individual should also be knowledgeable of the latest Internet and computer technology.

3. Layout Artist

A layout artist is a professional who designs the layout of text and images in books, magazines, flyers and brochures. They may not be the one who creates the images and designs but is the one responsible for how the designs are displayed and laid out. They have to be detail-oriented and have a good eye for design, so they can present the graphics and designs in a pleasing and appealing way. In-house and freelance layout artists are very much in demand. They often work for newspapers, magazines, ad agencies and public relations firms.

4. Flash Designer

Anyone who plays Internet games is familiar with Flash, a multimedia graphics program that helps animated and interactive websites work better. Flash is used exclusively on the Internet for games and things requiring animation, and it’s used in many applications. The Flash designer’s job duties may vary from one company to the next. Flash designers are skillful in creating and customizing audio, video, navigation animation and text to make a website perform as it should. Becoming a certified Flash designer improves career opportunities for the individual and demonstrates his or her skill. Web designers are often skillful in Flash design because Flash is used on so many websites.

5. Photoshop Artist

Photo editing is a huge part of graphic design, and artists skillful in Photoshop are highly in demand. Very seldom is a photo ready to be displayed without some sort of editing, which is where Photoshop artists come into play. Photoshop artists look at digital photos or images and edit them in various ways, including cropping, adding color or making adjustments to how the photo is to be presented. Almost every professional photo editor or photographer used Photoshop, and it’s a must for graphic designers.

Graphic designers working with computer systems designs are expected to experience a job growth of 20  percent during the 2016-2026 decade as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graphic designers with additional training and certifications can expect even better career options.

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