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You really can launch your career with just one or two years of training.

With the advent of online degrees for a college education, higher ed institutions are realizing that there are a lot of people out there looking first to an online associate’s degree or online certificate before going any further in work or undergraduate education.

An associate’s online is usually a two year degree program. It leads to diplomas like the Associate of Arts (A. A.), Associate of Science (A. S.), or Associate of Applied Science (A. A. S.). You’ll take general education classes as well as classes in your particular area of study. A certificate can be completed in even less time–sometimes just one year. 

Latest rankings of 1 and 2 year degrees:


Advantages of an Online Associate’s Degree


In general, an associate’s degree online is going to be more flexible than attending an on-campus program. Your freedom to work and spend time with family and friends will be greatly enhanced by doing your coursework online.

Save Money

In the process, you will save on travel, clothes, and food costs. Instead of getting up, dressing for success and then grabbing a coffee and donut on the way to school, you can get up a half an hour later, wear what you want, and make yourself a nice big breakfast. All that translates to less strain on your budget.

Stay Focused

If you wanted to enroll in a program for the campus social aspect, you probably wouldn’t be considering an online format. Some people find that there are less distractions with an online associate’s degree, because the format is simpler. If you have at least some discipline when you’re on the computer, chances are you’ll do well with an associate’s online.


Transfer your credits to a bachelor’s degree program, or go directly into your chosen profession! You may be surprised to find out that some associate’s level degrees lead directly to entry-level work, some of which pay quite well.

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