5 Great Specializations in Graphic Design

specializations in graphic design

  • Website Design
  • Advertisement Design
  • Mobile Application UI Design
  • Icon Design
  • Digital Illustration

Graphic design involves more than creating stunning images for clients. There are a few specific areas within the field that can help a designer find their niche. Here are five great specializations in graphic design.

Website Design

Designing a website involves many different elements that may be a bit overwhelming for someone who isn’t trained to do it. Website design is one of the most popular graphic design specializations because it is always in demand. Graphic designers that specialize in designing websites can also get many new clients from a single job because businesses will likely promote themselves by advertising their websites. This will help the designer to create their niche and specialize in web design for specific industries if they choose to.

Advertisement Design

The objective of advertisement design is to sell a product or service. It’s the designer’s job to grab the attention of the target audience and convince them that they don’t want to miss out of the opportunity. This graphic design specialization can include magazines ads, billboards, banners, and any other digital or print mediums that can reach the target audience. With the rise of social media, advertisements can easily be shared through many digital platforms. It’s the designer’s job to make sure that each design is suitable for the platforms that are being utilized.

Mobile Application UI Design

Owning a smartphone has become a necessity in today’s society, which makes mobile applications incredibly important. This specialization in graphic design is rising in popularity because mobile apps can help businesses to thrive. A good mobile application needs an efficient user interface to make the experience both enjoyable and easy to navigate. According to Clear Bridge Mobile, UI design consists of compelling and aesthetically pleasing interfaces in which the user interacts with. It’s the designer’s job to make these apps flourish in the small space available on a phone screen.

Icon Design

Before the user can become emersed in an app, they must tap or click on the icon first. Iconography involves creating an image that properly represents the application and makes it appealing to the user. This graphic design specialization requires the designer to be very creative with the small space given. Because users often search through many different apps using the icons alone, it’s the designer’s job to pay attention to detail in order to create an image that will be memorable among those other apps.

Digital Illustration

Although digital illustration requires a very artistic approach, it can be an incredibly valuable skill to a graphic designer. Digital illustrations are used for many different mediums including CD covers, books, and even conceptual art. This type of design is ideal for the artist that is capable of creating their vision with a computer. Specializing in digital illustration can give graphic designers an edge over the competition because they are capable of creating original art that can be incorporated into all of the previously mentioned specializations.

Graphic designers are in demand all over the world and all of these specializations in graphic design will likely be around for years to come. Whether it’s designing icons for applications of generating images for book covers, graphic artists certainly have plenty of options to choose from in their profession.

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