5 Great Careers with an Associate in Communication Degree

careers with associate in communication degree

  • Event Planner
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Sales Representative
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Public Relations Assistant

Be it written or verbal, body language or facial expression, we spend all day every day communicating. Communications degrees therefore lay the foundation for a wide variety of successful and fulfilling careers. Many people fear that they need a doctorate, master’s, or at least bachelor’s degree. However, there are several careers, such as these five, which are attainable with an associate’s in communication degree.

Event Planner

When people are planning their perfect party or event, they care less about education level than they do about tangible results. Earning an associate’s degree in communications provides the natural party-planners among us with just enough tips and tricks to get a successful business off the ground. Once you have a few events under your belt (which, let’s be honest, you can achieve by helping out friends and family), the rest is easy.

Social Media Coordinator

This is the age of technology. Every individual, company, and organization has (and relies heavily on) at least one social media account. Not everyone knows how to manage them efficiently to their fullest potential. An associate’s degree in communication is the ideal amount of education to have a leg up in the world of social media without accruing a lifetime of student loan debt. It makes you the perfect candidate for a social media manager, which is something you can do full-time for one company or operate as a freelance business.

Sales Representative

If you have a knack for persuasion and thrive on human interaction, sales could be your ideal career. While base salaries in sales roles are rarely competitive, a skilled salesperson earns a fortune in bonus potential and commission. An advanced degree is rarely required for eligibility, so having an associate’s degree in communications provides leverage for landing the job and negotiating salaries. Forbes provides an excellent guide on how to use communication to best sell yourself as a salesperson.

Human Resources Manager

Another essential role in every company, organization, and institution is a human resources manager. This person is instrumental in the hiring, firing, training, paying, and overall operations of every other employee. An associate’s degree in communications is therefore an ideal foundation for this career. It prepares you for a wide variety of interactions with an even wider variety of individuals.

Public Relations Assistant

If you love getting your friends and family to eat at the newest restaurants, watch the latest indy films, listen to that band that no one’s heard of, or open the cover of what you’re sure will be the next best seller, you could be destined for a career in public relations. Public relations is one of those fields where it takes experience to get experience. An associate’s degree in communications will help land you your first assistant gig, which is the key that opens the door to your dream career.


We live in an age where there is a Ph.D. for everything, and people everywhere are telling you that it’s the only way to a lucrative career. This is simply not the case. It is not only possible, but also preferable in the case of careers such as these five, to launch into the workforce with an associate’s degree in communications.

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