What Jobs Can I Get With an Associate’s in Communication Degree?

communication associate degree

There are a number of interesting jobs available for people with an associate’s degree in communication. While some jobs may involve working in communications-specific industries, such as publishing or media, all fields need employees who are adept at communications in some positions. Below are four entry-level job opportunities.

Social Media Coordinator

This position may have a number of different titles, such as social media manager or specialist, and duties will vary depending on the size and mission of the organization. However, in general, being the social media coordinator involves working with the company’s social media accounts. This may involve helping to develop the company’s brand online, analyzing the effectiveness of various social media platforms and engaging with the company’s customers online. At smaller companies, a social media coordinator might be in charge of developing the company’s overall social media strategy.

Public Relations Assistant

A public relations assistant may work with the company’s public relations specialist on media campaigns, presentations, events and more. This could involve working with both social and digital media as well as more traditional media. The job of the public relations assistant might be primarily aimed at raising awareness of a product or company or it might be more focused on ensuring that a positive image of the company is maintained. A public relations assistant might work on press releases, set up interviews and communicate with journalists to promote stories about the company. There might also be a number of routine administrative tasks. People interested in working in public relations should be aware that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is strong competition for jobs in this field.

Client Services Representative

An associate’s degree in communication can prepare a person to be a client or customer services representative. In this position, a person would work with a company’s clients or customers to ensure that the relationship runs smoothly. Client services representatives may set up meetings, help with transactions, communicate important messages and assist clients in using the products or services offered by the company. Client services representatives need to have strong problem-solving skills and work well with people. They may work in many different industries including transportation, health care, banking and more.

Editorial Assistant

An editorial assistant may work for a small or large publishing firm, for a magazine or for any other organization that regularly produces written material. They may facilitate communication between editors and writers, assist in preparing editorial calendars and read and evaluate material that is sent in. Editorial assistants should have strong writing skills and may do some writing as part of the job at smaller organizations. They may also do routine tasks to help editors, such as photocopying and filing.

Getting an associate’s degree can be an excellent way for a person to learn more about a field without committing to the time and cost of a four-year-degree. After some time working in their industry of choice, some people may want to return to school for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. However, it is also possible to have a satisfying career in the above fields with just an associate’s degree in communication.

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