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Can I Get a Job in Public Relations with an Associate’s in Communication Degree?

Public relations work and today’s communications degree – how well do they work together and depend on one another? This is a great question for anyone considering work or educational paths along these lines. For all the answers, follow along.

The Callings of Public Relations Work

First, let’s take a look at what public relations work is all about. Public relations, or PR for short, is all about managing public perception to the advantage of an organization or individual. A company, for example, may employ PR professionals to handle their public announcements, outreach efforts, representative social media accounts, and more. An individual may even do the same, but in all cases, the way in which the communications and messaging are provided to the public are critical. Marketing campaigns, announcements, news releases, social media posts, and mass emails are all examples of public relations technique at work.

The Associate’s in Communication: Key Benefits

Having taken a glance at PR work today, what exactly is provided by the associate’s in communication, and how does that subsequently apply to employment in the public relations field? The communications major is actually a sort of essential cornerstone to the field of PR work as well as many others. A student of this degree path will learn valuable skills in crafting precise messages and the use of words to boast advantageous points while avoiding or dispersing of less than ideal areas of coverage. With their successful completion of coursework in conflict resolution, business and personal correspondence, communication technology, trends and cultures in communication, and many other subjects, the communications grad is a very capable communicator.

An Ideal Marriage

As public relations work is very much dependent on effective communications, it is only a natural and successful marriage subsequently shared by communications degree-holders and the public relations job market. Many jobs in public relations and its sister discipline, marketing, rely heavily on communications grads. This includes those with an accredited Associate’s Degree in Communications.

A great example of this marriage can be found in many public relations specialist positions. A PR specialist is a professional who essentially handles the majority of outbound public communications for a company or person. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists many of this position’s responsibilities to include responding to media information requests, drafting press releases, evaluating public opinion on certain matters, and even helping to craft speeches and arrange conferences and interviews.

Yet another great example of the associate’s of communication gaining entry into PR work can be seen in the position of today’s fundraising manager. Fundraising managers act as important representatives of organizations and institute methods for gaining funding aid from the public, individual persons, and even government sources. They also facilitate and represent public image and public relations at every step of the way. A bachelor’s degree works even better here, but the associate’s will gain access to many excellent opportunities in fundraising and fundraising management.

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Public relations work is as much about effective communication technique as it is about the use of accurate perceptions and information gathering methods. This is perfect for the up and coming communications grad. In conclusion, the public relations world is yet another very viable pursuit option of the many afforded by the incredibly widely applicable, associate’s in communication of today.