Can I Go Into Advertising With an Associate Degree?

advertising associate degree

Many wonder about the plausibility of getting into advertising and marketing work with just an associate’s degree. There is no need to wonder, however, as there are many ways into this industry despite not having a bachelor’s or higher. For a few of those ways in, here are some great options to directly and indirectly gain entry into the marketing industry today.

Marketing Associate

Marketing associates work directly in advertising and are often employed at the associate’s education level. These professionals work to develop strategies and marketing approaches that will ultimately garner the best public image and profit result. It’s also a fact that most marketing businesses regularly employ marketing associates, and from this role, anyone can branch out, grow, and advance along the hierarchical tree of marketing greatness.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are also quite often granted their roles via an associate’s degree. This isn’t always the case, but past experience, passion, and related degree focus play a large part in most determinations of who ultimately gets the job. These professionals oversee and work with the above-mentioned marketing associates as well as with any number of others including clients, outside contractors, and even firms such as public relations firms.

General Management

General management is an indirect but often effective way into advertising work and experience through an associate’s degree. For example, an associate’s-holding person applies for and gets a management position at a clothing department chain. They may be able to then go on and request to help and otherwise get involved with company advertising matters. Some research on the organization’s advertising methods beforehand can help yield the most probable positions in which this approach is effective.


Internship is yet another great way into the advertising field that practically anyone can utilize. Internship is essentially an agreement to work for or somehow in collaboration with a professional or organization in that field for little to no pay. While working without pay can be difficult for many, the trade-off here is an almost 100 percent assured way in with irrefutable experience and credentials. Many internships can be done on a part-time basis as well so that the intern also has time for other, possibly paid pursuits. Many internships also directly translate to an advertising job offer upon completion.

Assert Interest, Volunteer

Finally, if no other way into that desired advertising opportunity presents itself, assertion of interest in marketing efforts from within one’s own present place of employment may be worth a shot in some cases. Many companies are glad to redirect passion and advance capabilities within the workforce. Volunteering is one more way to possibly leverage an associate’s, past experience, and passion for a way in. Many important roles are landed in the business world simply by way of such self assertion when conventional paths seem to be temporarily down.

The advertising and marketing industry is certainly a promising field to pursue. There are also many ways in, even when an associate’s degree is the best credential one has to work with. In conclusion, for additional support and insight into the world of advertising and marketing careers, The American Marketing Association provides a support and communication point online for anyone interested in the industry, regardless of background.

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