Can I Go Into Marketing With an Associate’s Degree?

marketing associate degree

Is it possible to go into marketing with an associate’s degree? Marketing is an engaging and lucrative profession, which attracts many people to it. However, not everyone has the means or the desire to go to school for four years or more to obtain a bachelor’s or advanced degree. It is possible, although difficult, to go into marketing with just an associate’s degree.

Most Marketing Positions Require At Least A Bachelor’s Degree

The sad truth is that many marketing jobs, especially when it comes to career advancement into marketing management positions, require a bachelor’s degree. The consumer market is becoming more digital, diverse and complicated, and the marketing field is growing and becoming more popular. As a result, employers have come to see a bachelor’s degree as evidence of a candidate’s devotion to this profession and proof that they have the knowledge to succeed in it. However, there are ways to get positions with an associate’s degree that can pave the way to a lucrative career as a marketer, which will be discussed in detail below.

Get Started In Sales

Sales positions often only require a high school diploma to get started and they are an excellent option to gain experience and work up the ladder. It takes certain personalities to truly be successful in sales and marketing, so starting out in sales is a way marketers can learn whether this industry is truly a good fit for them without investing significant time and money in their education. A job in sales will teach aspiring marketers how and why customers buy things, giving them sound experience from which to craft effective marketing plans. Sales agents also have the potential to make essentially limitless income from commissions if they are good at their jobs. Sales reps make around a $50,000 per year salary, according to PayScale, which is fairly impressive.

Start Out Freelance

Another good way to go into marketing with an associate’s degree is to get some experience by working with freelance clients. Private clients are not as likely to care about the level of formal education their marketer has achieved. Start out small and gain some successes, and employers may start taking notice of candidates with associate’s degrees. It is critically important for self-taught marketers to place a greater emphasis on continuing education and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. The marketing field changes at a breakneck pace due to changing consumer habits and the nature of digital marketing. Strong knowledge of all aspects of marketing, as well as the basic business skills needed to freelance, will help candidates stand out from the competition.

Demonstrate Success

Companies will be much more likely to hire candidates who have a proven track record of success in marketing, even if they only have an associate’s degree. This is why it is important to land work in sales and marketing to learn about customer behaviors, how to perform effective market research, basic principles of marketing and more. Success can be demonstrated by client testimonials as well as raw numbers, such as how much client product sales increased by. A successful marketer with strong knowledge of the industry and consumers will be in-demand by employers.

It can be an uphill battle to land good marketing jobs with an associate’s degree. However, it is possible, especially for professionals who are talented and prove themselves. The paths outlined above are all solid options to go into marketing with an associate’s degree.

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