5 Great Marketing Jobs

marketing jobs

  • Social Media Marketer
  • Market Analyst
  • Art Director
  • Publicist
  • Content Marketing Director

The marketing industry is constantly evolving new trends, new practices, and, most of all, new jobs. As the needs of the industry adapt to a tech-savvy audience, old roles in the industry are being revisited, and new roles being molded to fit the expertise required to succeed in the marketing field of the twenty-first century, according to Forbes.

Whether your secondary skills lie in writing or design, public relations or analysis, there’s a job in marketing for you. Here are five great marketing jobs for degree holders in marketing to consider.

Social Media Marketer

The role of the social media marketer has taken on special significance in the last few years. Social media marketing is no longer just a support for traditional marketing techniques; it has become a cornerstone of solid marketing practice. Social media marketers not only schedule and monitor posts, but study social media analytics, use those analytics to plan marketing campaigns, and in some positions, perform on-the-fly customer service via social media platforms. Marketing professionals who minored in digital content – or took independent coursework in social media management – are well-suited to this role.

Market Analyst

With mountains of data constantly streaming in via social media and content marketing platforms, the role of the market analyst is a critical one. Market analysts collect data to determine what the needs of a company’s target audience is, determine the demographics of that audience, and in turn condense that data to help marketing departments plan and execute effective marketing campaigns. Marketing professionals who minored or have experience in data science, mathematics, or another applicable field will no doubt find this position to be a rewarding one.

Art Director

One might not think of art direction as being an aspect of marketing, but art directors are a key component to producing attractive and appealing advertisement art and images. Advertising art directors supervise teams of artists and photographers to produce slick and stunning images for marketing campaigns in every industry, and their creative drive and skills are paramount to successful marketing. Marketing professionals who studied art, digital media, photography, or another visual art field are a great fit for this job – or, in turn, who majored in visual arts and minored in marketing.


Publicists often manage the public face of celebrity clients or groups. They not only ensure that the celebrities they manage are receiving positive press in print and social media, but they schedule press conferences, public appearances, signings, and other events – and help the client organize their schedule effectively so they know where to go and when. Whether managing A-list Hollywood clients or punk rock bands, the position of publicist requires knowledge of various fields including marketing, public relations, and journalism.

Content Marketing Director

Content marketing directors oversee written and digital content as part of a company’s marketing strategy. They may oversee the creation and updating of blogs and social media channels, work with social media managers to write effective content, and alongside art directors to select highly effective visual content. The position of content marketing director is often a very well-paid one, and marketing professionals with knowledge of digital media, creative writing, or journalism make a great fit for this role.


Each of these marketing positions represents a different set of skills and interests within the marketing industry. Whether you love art or data science, one of these positions may well fit your personal interests – and future goals.

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