What Marketing Careers are the Most In-Demand?

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Marketing graduates who are looking for the most in-demand marketing careers today will not have to look too far. As competition in the business world continues to increase, businesses both large and small are striving to meet that competition through the use of unique marketing plans. This has opened up a broad range of exciting career opportunities for marketing grads including the five positions described below.

Social Media Managers

With millions of people interacting on social media every day, it makes sense that businesses should make use of this platform for marketing purposes. These positions are perhaps the most in-demand marketing careers currently and will likely increase over the next several years. The primary job of social media managers is to handle all marketing tasks related to their employers’s social media sites. This typically includes posting regular content, designing promotional campaigns, measuring key performance indicators, and interacting with consumers.

Digital Marketing Managers

Digital marketing managers are those professionals who are responsible for creating, implementing, and managing digital marketing campaigns that will promote their employers’ products or services. They accomplish this by performing such tasks as developing website traffic plans, optimizing social media and website channels for SEO purposes, managing creative teams, analyzing key metrics, and locating advertising partners. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions are expected to increase by as much as 10 percent over the next few years.

Marketing Research Analysts

Marketing research analyst positions are also among the most in-demand marketing careers today. These professionals are involved with studying and evaluating marketing trends to help businesses determine what types of products are in demand and would likely produce top sales. They are also responsible for such tasks as determining appropriate target audiences for specific products and services, directing businesses as to the most effective methods to market said products or services, and designing and implementing consumer opinion surveys.

Brand Managers

The primary goal of brand managers is to make sure that products, product lines, and services coincide with the desired images of their employers. By marketing to targeted audiences, they must also strive to ensure that products and services resonate with existing and potential customers. These positions are expected to increase by around 10 percent over the next several years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and marketing grads who choose these careers can expect to earn an average of $129,380 per year.

Search Engine Optimization Specialists

Also included in the category of most in-demand marketing careers are positions as search engine optimization specialists. The main job of SEO specialists is to ensure that companies’ websites are optimized for searches in search engine websites. What this means is that through the careful use of key words and phrases, they must improve page rankings for their employers to maximize website traffic. They typically accomplish this by posting regular SEO-rich content that is relevant to their employers’ company, its products, and its services.

Marketing is a fun and exciting field that offers many great career possibilities for business graduates. And for those grads who are looking for the most in-demand marketing careers today, the positions described above may very well fulfill their occupational goals.

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