5 Conferences Web Developers Should Attend

conferences for web developers

  • Tech Cruise
  • Digital Thinkers Conference
  • DeveloperWeek
  • Web Summit
  • Webstock

Web developing is a fast paced, ever changing industry. Sometimes it can be difficult staying on top of the latest innovations. Some web developers even work alone or in small teams, limiting the exchange of ideas. It’s important to get a regular influx of new concepts. That’s why professional conferences are so important. By attending web development conferences, tech professionals gain valuable insights into their craft and have the opportunity to network with others in their industry. Below are five conferences for web developers.

Tech Cruise

Held on Royal Caribbean’s “Harmony of the Seas” cruise ship, Tech Cruise is a one-week conference that focuses on a holistic approach to building and maintaining customer loyalty through the use of the latest digital tools. While cruising the Caribbean, participants can attend sessions on usability and design, web analytics, search engine optimization, UX/UI, and much more. The Tech Cruise promises enlightening and motivating keynote speakers, engaging presentation that will challenge and educate, and transforming ideas that will change individuals and organizations.

Digital Thinkers Conference

The Digital Thinkers Conference is a two-day event sponsored by and held in major cities like New York, Tokyo, Paris, and London. The conference features established professionals like 2019 speakers Molly Nix, Design Lead for Airbnb; Vitaly Friedman, Co-founder and Creative Lead of Smashing Magazine; Lyanne Dubon, Associate Creative Director of Etsy; and many others. Workshops often cover topics like responsive design, business of design, and selling and presenting design. Convention presentations explore branding, storytelling, copywriting, case studies, and more.


DeveloperWeek is San Francisco’s largest developer conference with over 8,000 developers, software architects, engineers, managers and executives from over 70 countries, providing numerous networking opportunities. This five-day event features industry leading speakers, innovative company expositions, informative presentations, the nation’s largest hackathon, exclusive hiring expo, and the world’s largest DevTech awards: the Devies. DeveloperWeek introduces new technologies and offers intro lessons to get developers started. Attendees can enjoy open houses, drink-ups, workshops, and events across the city, making DeveloperWeek the hub of tech talent.

Web Summit

Web Summit has been highly praised by both The Atlantic and The New York Times. Web Summit is a global size event held in Lisbon. With over 70,000 attendees from over 170 countries, this is the ultimate networking event. The conference also boasts thousands of talks organized into 24 different tracks. Over 1,200 speakers participate in this four-day event. The conference also includes the remarkable Night Summit, allowing attendees to network with their peers while exploring some of Lisbon’s unique nightlife.


The founders of Webstock have over a decade of experience producing this three-day event that features the two-day pre-conference workshops and the Friday program. The conference is held each year in Wellington, NZ and features industry leading speakers covering topics such as design systems, adaptive content, and engaging disability. For savvy travelers who like to see the world, this shorter conference will give them the opportunity to gain valuable industry insights while still allowing time for a little sight-seeing in the lovely country of New Zealand.


Web development is a challenging industry that is constantly innovating in order to maximize usability, traffic, and audience engagement. To be a successful web developer, it is important to stay up to date with the latest innovations and exchange ideas with your peers. Conferences are a great place to learn from others and showcase your own talent.

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