What Careers Are Available With an Associate’s in Information Technology?

careers in information technology

A number of careers are available with an Associate’s in Information Technology. The widespread use of computers makes many job opportunities in this field widely available.

Computer Programmer

Computers are amazing inventions that have helped make countless tasks easier. The user experience is usually effortless as the computer can seem to have a mind of its own. The computer, of course, doesn’t actually have a mind of its own, but rather a computer programmer uses coding to allow for computers to work seemingly on their own. Computer programmers convert the designs of software developers into detailed instructions that a computer can use. They use computer languages, like C++, to make software programs and computer applications functional. They are responsible for writing and testing code to correct errors that occur as well as to perform program updates. Computer programmers work in a variety of industries that include software publishing, manufacturing, finance and insurance, and computer system design. This career that is available with an Associate’s in Information Technology offers a median annual salary of $82,240.

Web Developer

The use of the Internet has greatly increased over the last two decades resulting in the creation of countless websites. Most people are unfamiliar with how to create websites which usually results in hiring a web developer. Web developers work with their clients to determine which designs and applications will best suit them in order to meets their needs. They write code for websites and deal with the technicalities of the website’s performance. Web developers also input website content which includes audio, video, and graphics. In many instances, web developers also maintain websites that include monitoring and correcting website issues in addition to responding to comments posted by users. A number of industries employ web developers including advertising, publishing, computer system design, public relations, and scientific services. The median annual salary for a web developer is $67,990.

Computer User Support Specialist

Another career that is available with an Associate’s in Information Technology is a computer user support specialist. These individuals help people using computers and their applications with troubleshooting in order to solve their problems. They listen carefully to the user’s description of their problem while asking for information to properly diagnose the issue. Then, they give detailed instructions to users that include the steps for correcting their problems. Computer user support specialists can also provide training to individuals or groups so they can better understand how to use computer software, such as email, or hardware, such as printers. They are also often asked to meet with management in a company to present the common issues that a company’s customers deal with. Computer user support specialists work in a variety of industries, such as education or healthcare, as most industries utilize computers, and thus, the users can experience issues. The median annual salary is $50,210.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a growth of 13 percent in employment for the computer and information technology occupations is projected from 2016 to 2026 which should add about 557,100 jobs. An individual’s interest in computers along with great job prospects can make the various careers available with an Associate’s in Information Technology appealing to many.

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