What is Information Technology?

information technology

Despite the fact that information technology (IT) affects almost every aspect of our lives in one form or another on a daily basis, many people don’t understand what information technology is all about. Whether it’s motor vehicles being manufactured, the medical industry treating diseases or smart devices helping people navigate, information technology is playing its part. Information technology is integrated into every business in one way or another. There is constantly a need for IT professionals to keep IT systems and networks running smoothly, which results in excellent career opportunities.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology is the use of systems, generally computers and telecommunication devices, to collect, store, retrieve and send information. When a person goes to the doctor, the first thing the receptionist does is enter the person’s name in the computer system to retrieve data or information on the patient. This is information technology. Making a call with a cell phone, using OnStar in a vehicle, sending an email or businesses sharing files over the Web are all examples of information technology.

Information technology is a broad and vast field that covers all aspects of managing and processing information electronically. Although it’s used in all areas of our lives, it most valuable in the business world where computers are used for data management and to help the business succeed and be competitive. Because of this, IT professionals are a valued part of our world, and the demand for qualified IT professionals continues to grow.

Information Technology Jobs

Colleges and universities are filled with degree programs, from associate degrees to graduate degrees, to help individuals obtain the training necessary to find a job in the IT industry. Individuals interested in pursuing careers in the IT industry can find careers in many areas such as:

  • IT Manager – This individual heads the IT department of an organization and is responsible for the performance of the company’s electronic network. U.S. News & World Report ranked IT manager third in Best Technology Jobs, 10th in Best STEM Jobs, 12th in Best Paying Jobs and 42nd in 100 Best Jobs.
  • Cloud Architect – This person is responsible for a company’s cloud computing system, including cloud application design, cloud adoption plans, and cloud monitoring and management.
  • Health IT Specialist – This individual installs and maintains the computer systems in a healthcare facility and works with medical coding software to ensure patient data is secure and in compliance with regulations.
  • Computer Programmer – This person is the one who writes and enters programs into a computer system and ensures the program runs efficiently.
  • Computer Systems Analyst – This individual works with a company’s computer system, analyzes it and determines the best way to improve its efficiency.

Career Outlook for IT Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that a job growth of 13 percent can be expected computer and information technology from 2016-2026. Our computer-driven world has put an emphasis on cloud computing, information security and the storage and collection of data, which should result in about 557,100 new jobs created by 2026. The majority of these jobs are based on the need for workers trained in information technology.

Although we think that computers are what helps our businesses grow and prosper, they couldn’t do it without information technology. More and more people are choosing careers in the IT industry because of the constant need for better information technology and information security.

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