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Online Associate’s Degree Programs at Pima Community College

Pima Community College appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Associate’s in General Studies Online.

Though many schools offer online bachelor’s degrees, it’s harder for students to find online associate’s degree programs. Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona offers a number of these programs. Some of these programs are suitable for students who want to transfer to a full university. One is a general Associate of Arts. It requires that students take at least two English composition, social science and humanities, or arts classes. Students will also need to take some courses designed to help them in a bachelor’s program, including University Transfer Strategies and College Success and Career Planning.

The Associate of Arts online program also offers specialized fields of study for those who want to take some introductory courses before beginning a bachelor’s program. Students who want to study criminal justice and enroll in the administration of justice program. Those with an interest in social sciences can pick a concentration in psychology. There are also programs designed for those who want to work in fields such as hotel and restaurant management. The hotel and restaurant management program includes general education courses and classes within the major. Students will take Food Service Systems Management, Introduction to the Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Property Management, and Front Office Procedures. Students will also take a Hotel and Restaurant Management Capstone.

Online students can also study education. The college’s elementary education program helps students earn an associate’s degree and complete some of the training needed to work with young children. Though students cannot get their licenses after finishing the program, they can apply for their licenses after transferring to and completing a bachelor’s program. Certificates are also available for those who want to teach in fields such as secondary education, elementary education, and special education. Health information technology programs are also available online from Pima Community College in health IT and medical billing and coding.

About Pima Community College

Pima Community College offers educational opportunities for high school graduates and anyone who wants to attend college. It welcomes students who have a GED and those who completed a home school curriculum to apply. Founded in 1966 when Pima County passed a resolution to open a new school in the area, classes started three years later. As the college didn’t have a campus at that time, it held classes at a local airport and in several other parts in and around Pima County. Though it used the name Pima College for a few years, it later became Pima Community College or PCC.

PCC continues offering classes today on its West Campus, which was the first one built. There are five other campuses in Tucson and three educational centers that offer classes for students too. The main campus is home to its education programs and oversees the operations of its online programs. PCC ranks among the best community colleges in Arizona and one of the largest with an enrollment of more than 65,000 students. This figure includes both online students and traditional learners.

Pima Community College Accreditation Details

As a community college, PCC offers two-year associate’s degree programs and programs designed for transfer students. Students can take general education and introductory courses that help them transfer into a bachelor’s program. PCC has accreditation that lets students use their credits in other schools. This accreditation comes from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The U.S. Department of Education also requires that students applying for financial aid attend a college with regional accreditation.

Pima Community College Application Requirements

It takes just six steps for students to apply to PCC and start classes. Completing the application is the first step. The college offers one application that is suitable for most students, including high school graduates and transfer students. This is the application that dual enrollment high school students will use too. They can attend PCC and earn college credits that will also count towards a high school diploma. Adult education students and those who want to audit classes will use a different application. The application asks for information, including the date of birth and social security number of the student and a list of school(s) the student attended. Prospective students can also submit the FAFSA to apply for financial aid when they submit the college’s application.

Once the student successfully applies, he or she can create a PCC account. This account is what they will use to access their college email addresses and to sign up for placement tests. Incoming students who have not taken any college credits will need to take math, reading and writing placement tests. Those courses determine what skills the student has and where he or she should start in each area. PCC asks students to take those placement tests and go through an orientation before they register for classes.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at PCC starts at $82.50 with fees of between $25 and $33 per credit hour. Those fees will vary based on whether the course has a lab component. This is the same rate that Arizona residents pay to take online classes. PCC allows students from any state to take online classes. Those students pay $214 per credit hour with the same fees that residents pay. Online students are also responsible for their personal expenses, which can including housing and any computer software they might need. They’ll also pay for their textbooks, though some classes include online resources that they can use for free.

No matter how many classes or credits they want to take, students can get financial aid. PCC recommends that they complete the FAFSA by the late spring and encourages students to submit this form in late autumn. Foster Youth Grants and Pell Grants are just a few of the grants they can get via this form. They may qualify for student loans from the federal government too. The Early Book Purchase Program (EBPP) provides students with funds that they can use to purchase their books before they get their financial aid. Scholarships available from the college include a merit scholarship provides students with a minimum GPA of 3.5 a PCC GED scholarship for students who have a GED. Pima Community College offers online information for students who want to apply for its scholarships after they apply to one of its online associate degree programs.

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