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Online Associate Degree Programs Available at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Affordable Associate’s in Web Development Online.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College worked with the Mississippi Virtual Community College Consortium to establish a large number of online classes. Students today can choose from more than 3,000 classes and take courses that count towards their degrees. The college also offers full degree and certificate programs for online students such as an agribusiness program. This program focuses on the companies within the agricultural industry and teaches students how to run those companies. Some of the other majors that relate to this program include those in interior design, animal sciences, poultry sciences and environmental sciences.

Students with an interest in arts and humanities can major in journalism and learn how to produce content for both video and print. This program includes some classes about writing for the web too. In the women’s studies program, students learn about the history of women in the United States and other countries and some of the issues that affect women today. The public relations and advertising program helps students develop the skills they need to work in advertising firms and to create campaigns for their clients. Other majors available for online associate students include southern studies, television and digital communication and communication and media studies.

Also available are several education majors such as the elementary education major. Designed for those who want to teach younger children, it allows students to complete their general education requirements and take some education classes before they transfer to a bachelor’s program. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College can help students transfer to nearly any college or university in Mississippi and those located in the south. There are a few specialized programs available too such as those in music education and math education.

The hotel, restaurant and tourism management program is also available online. It prepares students for working as managers in the tourism industry. Not only do they learn about employee and labor relations, but they also learn about employment laws and the daily operations of tourism companies. Some of the other online associate degree programs available at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College include psychology and clinical counseling offerings.

About Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is a large community college in Perkinston, Mississippi that often uses the abbreviation MGCCC. Established in 1911 as the Harrison County Agricultural High School, it opened the following year with a small curriculum. When part of Harrison County became Stone County a few years later, the two counties worked together to keep the school open. It would then become the Harrison Stone Jackson Agricultural High School and Junior College. After two more counties began working with the college, it became Perkinston Junior College. It kept this name from 1942 to 1987, which is when it became MGCCC.

The college achieved national fame in 2006 after President George W. Bush attended the graduation ceremonies at the college. He was the first current President to speak at a commencement ceremony in history. Many of the students who attended the college later transferred to four-year schools to play football and other sports before playing in professional leagues. MGCCC is now one of the largest community colleges in Mississippi and has several campuses in the state.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Accreditation Details

MGCCC has regional accreditation from the Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation (MCCA), which is a branch of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). This accreditation is important because more than 60% of students attending the community college will transfer to a four-year school at a later date. Regional accreditation allows them to transfer the credits they earn at the college. MGCCC also has accreditation for its cosmetology, nursing, paramedic, surgical technology and a few other programs too.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Application Requirements

Both online students and those enrolling in the college’s traditional programs must meet the same application requirements and steps. As the college has an open admissions policy, any student who wants to take college classes can do so. This includes both high school students and high school graduates as well as students with a GED and those who completed a home school program. MGCCC has an online application that asks students to create new accounts. They will log into their accounts to work on and submit the application. They have the option of staying logged into the site or logging out if they share the computer with others.

Most students will need to take a placement exam too because the college needs to make sure that they have strong skills in both math and reading. Their scores may show that they need to take introduction courses or that they can handle more advanced courses. The college offers the placement test on its campus. Students who took either the ACT or SAT can submit their official scores rather than take the placement test. MGCCC will also allow students to submit their GRE scores or high school transcripts.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Part-time students can take up to 14 credits hours each semester and pay only $155 per credit hour. Students enrolled on a full-time basis pay $1,555 per semester and can take between 15 and 21 credits of classes. They will also pay a $100 registration fee and $40 for each book that they need in their classes, though some books may cost extra. students taking online classes also pay a fee of $15 per credit hour on top of the cost of their classes. When students take courses with a lab, they’ll pay an extra fee of up to $50 per class.

There are three different types of financial aid available for students who use the FAFSA. They include grants, which come from both the state and the federal governments and loans that students begin paying off around six months after they finish or leave the college. Work study is also available for students willing to work for the college. MGCCC also offers a handful of scholarships such as those from the college’s foundation and others that use alumni donations. A small number of scholarships go to students who have a GED also. Students applying to the online associate degree programs offered by Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College can qualify for some of these scholarships.

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