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Online Associate’s Degrees Available at Manor College

Manor College appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Affordable Associate’s in Health Services Administration Online.

Manor College offers three online associate’s degree programs that allow students to complete their degrees fully on the web. They can enroll on a full-time or part-time basis and follow a curriculum that prepares them for working in different areas. The average age of the students enrolled in these programs is 32, which shows that the college has a commitment to nontraditional students.

One of the majors that online students can choose is in business administration. Designed for those who want to work in entry-level positions, it prepares students for working as office managers, loan officers, sales reps, tax preparers and in similar fields. This program includes an Introduction to Business course and other classes that help students understand various areas of business. Those courses include Business Communications, Computer Science, Business Law and Introduction to Management.

In the online liberal arts program, students have the chance to study religion and other classes as they work their way up to more advanced courses. Most take Fundamentals of Composition in their first semesters, which is a course that helps students become better writers and shows them how to edit the papers they will write in their other classes. In Spiritual/Ethical Values, students learn how to make decisions after evaluating evidence and looking at both the spiritual and ethical issues they face. The college offers a number of advanced electives that liberal arts majors can choose too.

The college also offers an online associate’s degrees in healthcare administration, which helps students become healthcare managers and educators. This program asks students to take 61 credits over four semesters, but those who enroll part-time can take fewer classes and graduate in three years or more. All majors must take classes that include Introduction to Business, Principles of Marketing, Foundations of Healthcare Management, Business Communications, Principles of Management and Healthcare Law and Ethics.

About Manor College

Manor College is a private college in the small town of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, which is close to Philadelphia. The Byzantine Ukrainian Sisters of Saint Basil the Great founded the college in 1947 as a small school that catered to the needs of the Ukrainian immigrants who moved to the area. It received a charter from the state in 1959 and approval from the state board of education a few years later. Also known as Manor and MC, it became the most affordable private college in Pennsylvania in the 2010s after announcing plans to freeze its tuition rates for all current and incoming students. The college has a deep connection to the Ukrainian Catholic Church and is home to a heritage studies department that lets students study this culture. Manor College now offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs and has an enrollment of around 1,000 students.

Manor College Accreditation Details

The American Bar Association (ABA) granted Manor College accreditation for its paralegal degree and certificate programs. It also has accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for the college’s marketing, business administration, management, and similar programs. The accreditation that it has from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) is what lets the college give incoming students credit for their transfer work and what allows students to get financial aid when they go through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process.

Manor College Application Requirements

To enroll in one of the online associate’s programs offered at Manor College, students must meet all the admissions standards of the college. Students will start with the MC online application, which asks for their future majors and some academic background information. They need to list where they attended high school and if they earned a diploma as well as whether they took any college classes. MC then asks for transcripts from each student that shows they completed high school. It will accept those who have a GED but asks for both GED transcripts and copies of their diplomas or certificates. Students may need to submit a standardized test score and college transcripts too. The college will contact students if it determines that it needs a test score. This often occurs among those applying to some of the college’s more competitive programs.

MC looks favorably on students who prepared for college while in high school. Their transcripts should show that they took at least one unit each of science and lab science classes, two units of social science and mathematics courses and four years of English classes. Students should also take electives in performing arts and other subjects. Certain programs may ask for other information or require that students take more science and mathematics classes. Most of those are the college’s allied health programs. Manor College encourages students to complete the FAFSA also, especially if they cannot afford the total cost of attending the college.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Though MC doesn’t charge separate rates for Pennsylvania residents and nonresidents, it does offer different rates for part-time and full-time students. Part-time students pay $689 per credit hour in most programs, but this rate rises to $741 per credit hour for students enrolled in an allied health program. Full-time students pay $8,461 per semester in most programs and $8,859 per semester in an allied health program. The college charges an overload fee of $125 per credit hour for students who take more than the maximum number of credit hours in a single semester. Students also pay $3,981 per semester for room and board. Manor College charges an overnight fee of $25 per night for students who need to spend one or more nights on the campus.

The financial aid awarded to Manor College students can include the government aid given to students who completed the FAFSA and institutional aid for students who need more help. Students who apply for aid by the beginning of May who are Pennsylvania residents may qualify for a state grant that gives them money for their undergraduate studies. A second grant goes to online Pennsylvania students who take at least half of their courses online. Three different merit scholarships go to students with grade point averages of at least 2.8 and standardized test scores of 17/930 on the ACT/SAT. Manor College offers both full and partial scholarships that online associate’s degree students can use to pay their costs too.

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