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Online Associate Degree Programs Offered by Lakeshore Technical College

Lakeshore Technical College appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Affordable Associate’s in Web Development Online.

Lakeshore Technical College offers programs for nontraditional students and gives those students the choice between taking evening or online classes. It now offers 15 associate degree programs that students can entirely complete online. One of those is a manufacturing management program that consists of 60 credits of courses. The program teaches students how to manage manufacturing facilities, including both the resources available to them and their coworkers or employees. This program has financial aid available for students in need and a schedule that allows full-time students to earn their degrees in only four semesters.

Most of the online programs follow the same four-semester outline and ask that students take general education courses. These courses provide students with a strong background that they can use when they transfer to a different school. The supply chain management program looks at how products reach customers and the steps between the customer and the manufacturing process. Some of the classes in this program include Service Operations Management, Personal Branding, Global Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning and Control.

The human resource administration program offered by the college focuses on training and working with employees. It helps students understand how and why employees work and teaches them how to improve the lives of those workers. Training for Organizations and Compensation and Benefits are a few of the classes in this program. Lakeshore Technical College also offers an information technology program in web and software development, which features 63 credits of classes. Students learn how to develop apps and software through classes such as Introduction to Database Design and Development and Mobile App Development.

Though most of the online associate programs offered by the college have a focus on the business industry, the nuclear technology program focuses on working for companies and organizations. The college also offers a quality assurance technician degree program and majors in both accounting and marketing. Some of the diplomas that students can also complete online include supply chain assistant and sales rep diplomas.

About Lakeshore Technical College

Lakeshore Technical College is a technical college that functions as a community college in Cleveland, Wisconsin. Established in 1967, it chose Cleveland because that location helped it reach a large number of local students. The main campus consists of several buildings such as the Lakeshore Building, which has classroom spaces for students. There is also a disc golf course where students can unwind and multiple parking lots that let students park close to their classes. It served as the Lakeshore Technical Institute for several years before becoming LTC. In addition to the Cleveland campus, LTC has two other campuses in Wisconsin.

Like other community colleges in the state, LTC primarily offers associate degree programs, which full-time students finish in two years. A small number of certificate programs are available as well as some technical and vocational training programs that provide students with the certification necessary to work in fields such as automotive and HVAC repair. The college now offers some continuing education options for adult students too.

Lakeshore Technical College Accreditation Details

Though community colleges and technical schools usually do not have the same accreditation that major schools do, Lakeshore Technical College does. It sought regional accreditation because it wanted to show students that they could take their degrees and credits to other larger schools. That accreditation comes from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is in good standing. LTC will not need to renew its accreditation or ask for a review until 2025.

Lakeshore Technical College Application Requirements

LTC charges a $30 application fee and requires that students pay this fee whether they submit the application online or through the mail. Though students can visit the campus and complete the application in person, they will still need to pay this same fee. The application allows students to list any of the schools they attended and let the college know whether they have a high school diploma or a GED. After the application, they can request that their schools send the college their transcripts, though they do not need to submit a test score. LTC takes between one and two weeks to review an application and respond to the student.

Once a student receives an acceptance letter, he or she will need to schedule an appointment with an academic counselor and sign up for the college’s placement test. Students who took the ACT or SAT within the last three years can submit their scores and let the college evaluate those scores. All others will need to take the placement test to show that they have math, reading and English skills on par with other college students. LTC will place students in different classes based on their scores. Though the college does not have an application deadline, it does ask that students apply a few weeks before the semester starts.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Technical colleges such as LTC offer affordable alternatives for students who cannot pay the high prices charged by other colleges. Students pay just $135 per credit hour if they are full-time residents of Wisconsin. Students from other states can take classes too, but they will pay $202 per credit hour. Students also pay an activity fee of around $8 every semester and a $10 per credit hour fee for any hybrid or online classes they want to take. Certain programs charge other fees and cover the cost of uniforms or special supplies that students need. LTC allows students to check on the cost of their textbooks before they sign up for classes.

The three main types of financial aid offered by the college are loans, grants and work study. With work study, students who qualify work for LTC up to 10 hours a week. The college allows students to pick from different types of jobs. Though students must pay back the loans they borrow, they do not need to repay any grant money they get. LTC asks that students apply for financial aid before the first of July with the FAFSA. It uses that form to determine which scholarships the students should get too. All of the scholarships and other financial aid offered by Lakeshore Technical College goes to traditional students and those enrolled in an online associate degree program.

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