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Online Associate’s Degrees Available at Champlain College

Champlain College appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Affordable Associate’s in Web Development Online

Champlain College offers four online associate’s programs that help graduates earn an Associate of Science. The college’s accounting program serves as a good introduction to the world of finance and accounting. It prepares students for the advanced classes they will take in a bachelor’s program and includes 30 credits of professional courses. Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I and II and Principles of Marketing are some of the classes students will take. While most courses run for seven weeks, Cost Accounting lasts for 10 weeks. Both of the Intermediate Accounting courses and the required Federal Taxes classes last for 15 weeks.

Seven-week classes are also available in the college’s online associate’s program in business management. The 11 required classes in this program focus on general and advanced subjects in business, including Business Law and Managerial Accounting. Students also take Managing Behavior in Organizations, Principles of Finance and Business Information Systems and Security.

The college’s software development program prepares students for designing apps and software for others. It includes three 15-week courses that teach students how to create and work with different programs and computer languages. All other courses run for seven weeks, including Web Page Development I – HTML, Information Systems Analysis and Design, Introduction to Computer Systems, Project Management, and Networking Fundamentals.

Also available is an online Associate of Science in Web Design and Development. The college lets students take the 21 general education courses required and the necessary 39 credits of web design and development courses at the same time. They learn how to use HTML and different computer languages and programs when designing websites. All of the required classes and electives are seven-week classes, though students will take some longer courses too. One class is Writing for the Web, which teaches them how to produce effective content for the internet. Other courses include Designing Digital Images for the Web and Internet and Web Architecture.

About Champlain College

Champlain College is a small college in Vermont that consists of a physical campus and an online campus called Champlain College. Established in 1878 in Burlington as the Burlington Business School, it offered business and career training for male students. When a new owner took over the college six years later, it began accepting female students and changed its name to Queen City Business College. The college would move to different locations in the city and become the Burlington Business College before adopting the Champlain College in the late 1950s. Once it had a permanent location, the college added residence halls to its campus and constructed new buildings to keep up with the demand of new students.

The college continues adding new programs to its curriculum, including several in emergency services. Those programs are open to students who want to work in law enforcement and other public service fields and those who already work in those areas. It also built a new welcome center that provides new students with information and helps them feel more comfortable on the campus. Champlain College Online offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs on the web and includes options for students with more experience too. Many of its graduate programs include some fieldwork and/or campus work as well as online classes. More than 2,200 students attend Champlain College, with a few hundred of those students signing up for the college’s online programs.

Champlain College Accreditation Details

With regional accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), Champlain College can give students credit for the college classes they already took. It also allows the college to accept credits earned through advanced placement and other programs. This is a form of institutional accreditation that applies to all the degree programs offered by the college and all its technical and career or vocational programs.

Champlain College Application Requirements

Students applying to an online program must make sure that they meet all of the college’s admissions requirements. Champlain has a college application that students can access online and will also accept the Common Application. There is both an early decision deadline and a final deadline, which is around the middle of February. The early decision deadline is in the middle of November and gives students the chance to get an acceptance letter before their peers do. Both deadlines and applications include the same requirements.

Champlain asks for a high school transcript that shows all the classes the student took. It recommends that students take English, math, life and social science and foreign language courses and that students maintain a GPA of 3.0. or higher. Students will provide two letters of recommendation. The college asks for one letter from a guidance counselor but lets students pick from teachers and other references for the second letter. Students have the option of providing an official standardized test score and going through an interview too. Those applying for early decision must also sign and date the early decision application form.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attending Champlain College for online students includes a tuition rate of $318 per credit hour. As most online classes are worth three credits, students pay $954 for each course they take. Both active duty students in the military and those in the National Guard or a reserve branch pay $250 per credit hour, which brings their costs up to $750 per class. Though online students do not need to pay for room and board at the college, they will still need to pay their living expenses.

Students who have a social security number, take college classes and are a citizen or a legal resident can get financial aid through the FAFSA. Online students cannot sign up for work study, but they can get the same grants and loans that traditional students do. Undergrads qualify for subsidized loans that give them six months after they graduate before they need to start paying off their loans. PLUS loans are available for the parents of those students too. While the college does offer some scholarships, it requires that students apply for each one and meet the listed requirements for those prizes, which may include a GPA of above 3.0 and/or full-time enrollment in a degree program. Champlain College offers useful financial aid packages for students enrolled in its online associate’s degree programs.

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