5 Highest-Paying Business Careers

5 Lucrative Careers in Business

  • Accounting
  • Financial Software Experts
  • Real Estate
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce

Starting a business career offers something that most other fields lack – versatility. Meaning, there are dozens of different options to choose from and build a lucrative venture. Not to forget how business owners are free to make their own decisions that are unaffected by outside influence.

1. Accounting

Although there are many different fields that business graduates can choose from, public accounting offers some of the most competitive employment rates. In fact, finding a person with a degree in accounting that is unemployed would be quite a challenge. This is because CPAs are always needed to handle auditing, tax, and consulting. So, even if the economy is in a downturn, these jobs will be available. Also, public accountants have the advantage of a clear-cut career path that will start at the associate level and go all the way up to the partner/director promotion. At that point, multi-six-figure salaries are guaranteed.

2. Financial Software Experts

Working in information technology usually guarantees a lucrative career. In finance, however, the benefits are further aided by the high compensation that financial experts already enjoy. Although this path will involve extracurricular studies or training to complete the software component, the employees will create applications and tools for the finance world. That means inventing new devices to improve lending operations, promote efficiency, and handle high-volume algorithms. Ultimately, most software developers have the freedom to innovate current practices as they see fit given their unique set of skills.

3. Real Estate

Out of all the career choices here, being a real estate investor could easily bring the highest earnings. Nonetheless, the compensation depends on one’s job. For example, basic real estate agents will be able to earn a hefty salary. Those who actually invest and sell properties themselves, however, will earn enough to make the real estate agents’ salaries look modest. For these entrepreneurs, every-day work always varies as they mostly operate remotely. Also, a business career in real estate can be somewhat risky given that the property values are directly related to the state and volatility of the economy.

4. Digital Marketing

One of the most popular majors for business students is marketing. Since it teaches students how to handle digital media and promote brands, it comes as no surprise that there is a surplus of experts who chose marketing. In addition, creating one’s own marketing company is often as easy as developing a solid website, according to Forbes. Once the customers start purchasing services, one can look into expansion and obtain a physical address for their business. Not to mention how sole proprietors who can handle their operations online will save on a plethora of overhead costs.

5. E-commerce

E-commerce is one of the most recent business practices where people sell various products online, according to Investopedia. It consists of finding a solid supplier, marketing to potential customers, developing a list of long-term buyers, and safely delivering products to those who purchase them. As with the previous alternative, there are not too many overhead costs that pertain to e-commerce. Nevertheless, the easiest way to expand this business career is to raise enough capital and open a physical location for one’s shop. Popular sub-careers within the field of e-commerce involve dropshipping and custom labeling.

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Other jobs that lead to high salaries and relate to entrepreneurship include management, energy commerce, data analytics, and more. In order to be successful, however, one must be dedicated and make it a priority to overcome all obstacles. If they satisfy those conditions, they could easily earn notable salaries in all business careers.