5 Great Podcasts for Criminal Justice

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  • Sword and Scale
  • Policing Matters
  • The Appeal
  • Coroner Talk
  • Firearms Nation

For those working in or even just interested in criminal justice, criminal justice podcasts can really be a great way to keep up on things. There are plenty out there to choose from, however, so finding the real gems can often take some search work. Cutting through that confusion, here are five of the very best criminal justice podcasts that are active right now.

Sword and Scale

The Sword and Scale podcast is a chillingly real look into the darker side of crime, covering true-life crimes of the most heinous kinds. Why do some people go so far? What causes such deviation from what is considered “right” in the rest of us? For over four years, Mike Boudet and others have kept this enthralling, bi-weekly thriller active and as provocative as ever.

Policing Matters

Some may outwardly assume that law enforcement work is always very straightforward and simple, but that is truly anything but the case. Policing Matters is today’s modern policing podcast devoted to all things policing related, conventionally and unconventionally. As of this writing, recent show topics have included policing on Black Friday, officer fatigue and sleep, officer retirement, and policing in areas with “police-unfriendly” district attorneys. This podcast is run by all police officials, active and retired, and also accepts outside commentary posts on its individual podcasts.

The Appeal

Highlighted in an excellent piece by The Marshall Project, the renowned criminal justice journalism organization built in homage to Thurgood Marshal, the benefits to criminal justice reform are vast, and there are many ways toward ultimate reform that are very plausible. For those interested in the reform end of the criminal justice subject spectrum along this very spirit, The Appeal is a perfect podcast focused primarily on this very subject. Every week, listeners get an excellent broadcast here that is full of industry experts and thinkers, as the US, the world’s largest prison state is examined in depth.

Coroner Talk

As this podcast’s name suggests, the primary subject matter here is a grim one – death. However, this outwardly grim subject to many is an important component to policing and greater criminal justice matters, and it is covered by Coroner Talk in often lighter and easier terms while providing fantastic educational value to anyone interested. Follow along as a whole team of investigative and medical professionals shares in contributory part in this top criminal justice blog that broadcasts several times each month.

Firearms Nation

Another constant component to the criminal justice world and the professional endeavors within is that of the firearm. This is the reason that every law enforcement officer must complete sufficient firearms training prior to and after becoming an officer. Firearms Nation is the podcast devoted solely to this particular component to law enforcement and the US legal framework. Here, all gun-related subjects are covered in regular and very entertaining and educational broadcasts, leaving the listener always feeling current.

The criminal justice world is an expansive one, and keeping up with it all through today’s best podcasts on the subject is a great option for those wanting to stay in-the-know. These five, above-mentioned podcasts are some of the best, active options in this subject area right now. In conclusion, for those seeking further resource guidance regarding today’s most authoritative criminal justice podcasts or anything else criminal justice related, the National Criminal Justice Association is a highly recommended point of contact with which to inquire further.

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