5 Great Jobs with an Associate in Business Administration Degree

jobs with associate in business administration

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Office Manager
  • Sales Manager

With an Associate’s in Business Administration, the graduate can expect to advance within their current career or enter into a new career field. An associate’s degree can lead to management positions in a variety of careers whether the student wants to enter sales or human resources.

Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager fills the open positions in a company. They will perform orientation for new employees as well as administer benefits and act as a buffer between workers and upper management. This is a position that is available in most companies since they all need someone to do their interviewing and hiring. When a person leaves the company, the HR department will perform exit interviews and suggest changes to management regarding the climate within the company.

Executive Assistant

An executive assistant works closely with a high-level executive by scheduling meetings and managing their time effectively. A busy executive needs someone to run his or her office, and that job falls to the executive assistant. The assistant will keep the executive on track throughout the day to ensure nothing is missed like important meetings. If the executive travels, the assistant will make all the arrangements, which means access to important financial information too.

Market Research Analyst

Graduates seeking this type of position might need to alter their focus in school towards data analytics and software skills. As an analyst, the graduate will be using certain tools and skills to study the market as it pertains to the company’s goods and services. When the company is brainstorming a new product, they’ll want to check the market to see how much interest there will be in the goods. A market research analyst monitors sales trends and keeps an eye on current marketing campaigns for effectiveness.

Office Manager

An office manager could exist in any business environment. Every business has an office where accounting, HR tasks and customer service occurs. The manager will oversee training for other office staff as well as ensuring that policies and procedures are carried out smoothly. Paperwork has to be filed, bills have to be paid and invoices have to be sent to customers. This is all done from the office where there has to be one person in charge of making sure that everyone is doing a great job.

Sales Manager

An organization’s sales team needs a leader. This person is usually the link between the sales team and management who will expect certain sales per day, week and month. The manager will set the sales goals per salesman to ensure that the company’s goals are met. Sales managers will deal with the public when there are problems too. Customers might demand to speak to a manager who will have to resolve issues. Managers prepare budgets and approve sales tactics to bring in new business within the goals of the company.

These positions require an advanced degree because they’re more rewarding and challenging. With more work and responsibility comes a greater reward in terms of salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median pay for sales managers of approximately $117,000 per year.

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