5 Great Careers in Fashion Merchandising

careers in fashion merchandising

  • Fashion Buyer
  • Fashion Marketing Manager
  • Fashion Director
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Textile Manager

For those interested in fashion and its promotion, a career in fashion merchandising may just be that perfect vocational match. As this sector truly is expansive, so too are its job opportunities. Here are five great career options in fashion merchandising available right now.

1. Fashion Buyer

Fashion buyers, also known by several other titles including retail buyers, purchasing agents, and purchasing managers, essentially manage an organization’s purchasing decisions in fashion goods and services. Budgeting and strategy are two important elements the fashion buyer must consider when making buying decisions. Fashion trends are another critical consideration. As a fashion retailer’s entire operation may depend on the efficacy of the decisions made here, this position is definitely one of key importance.

2. Fashion Marketing Manager

A fashion marketing manager is the professional who is in charge of the fashion marketing operations of any given organization. Duties in this area can include coordinating with a diverse group of staff and customers, planning marketing strategies, overseeing staff members, and more. An effective fashion marketing manager is able to maintain successful marketing efforts per organization goals at any given time.

3. Fashion Director

Fashion direction is all about presenting possible fashions to prospective clients and customer bases. To make the “presentation”, the fashion director may arrange a show, directing fashion props, models, themes, and so on, or they may even work with a single client through various presentations in order to help them decide on a critical fashion direction. It is also paramount to relevance and ultimate efficacy that those in this position stay on top of all of the latest and greatest in emerging fashion trends.

4. Retail Store Manager

Retail store management is yet another great way to go in today’s fashion merchandising sector. In this role, one must coordinate all of the in-store and out-of-store factors that eventually all come together in one merchandising experience. These areas of responsibility can include employee relations, store budgets, asset and liability management, outside vendor relations, corporate relations, customer relations, and much more. The responsibility level here can be high but so too are the potential rewards.

5. Textile Manager

Finally, textile managers represent yet another great fashion merchandising career option. This professional works on the beginning side of fashion – material production and textiles. Usually employed by a textile-producing organization, this worker must maintain desired production levels within that textile plant. To do so, they must effectively manage a workforce, an often large facility, equipment, safety standards, operational protocol and much more. Deadlines and many time-based endeavors are also a key component to an average day’s work here.

Fashion merchandising is a wide sector in which to find a diverse range of job opportunities. These five careers are but a small sample of what is available here. In conclusion, for additional information on the wide world of fashion and fashion merchandising, The United States Fashion Industry Association is a particularly useful resource with which to followup with further.

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