5 Great Careers in Automotive Repair

careers in auto repair

  • Automotive Service Support Writer
  • Claims Representative
  • Automotive Repair Technician
  • Shop Supervisor
  • Roadside Support Specialist

Today’s automotive repair industry is as full of great career opportunities as it ever has been. What are some of the positions found in this particular job sector? Here are five telling and great choices.

Automotive Service Support Writer

An automotive service support writer is a customer service representative that acts as a point of contact between a repair company and its customers. This person must be knowledgeable in automotive repair and parts as well as their employer’s own services and price systems. In this role, the support writer will set appointments, answer general inquiries, handle customer-repair shop communications, provide estimates and pricing information to inquirers, and more.

Claims Representative

In the automotive industry, there is a truly massive amount of repair work performed on vehicles that is done through insurance or warranty claims processes. Essentially, if a vehicle is covered for repairs under warranty or insurance, then any repairs performed are not billed to the customer directly and are then handled through other means. The claims representative is thus the professional who handles this process and all of the customers and repair scheduling involved with it.

Automotive Repair Technician

Automotive repair/service technicians are the actual hands-on professionals who physically troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, alter, and perform any number of other mechanical tasks on automobiles. Simply put by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “automotive service technicians and mechanics, often called service technicians or service techs, inspect, maintain, and repair cars and light trucks.” A degree and/or other special certifications are needed for entry into this technical role that truly is the backbone of the whole industry.

Shop Supervisor

A shop supervisor, also knows as an operations manager or service manager, is a professional who manages all of the administrative happenings that keep a repair shop in business. Things like payroll, employee relations, customer relations, budgeting, parts and inventory management, and on-site safety all fall under the ultimate oversight of this worker. Those in this position often hail from a number of different backgrounds including automotive repair and business management among others.

Roadside Support Specialist

Off the beaten path of typical automotive repair jobs is the role of the roadside support specialist. Likely the most “exciting” role in this list, this professional is responsible for responding to any number of roadside service calls related to dead batteries, keys locked in cars, flat tires, and more. This position therefore provides a solid mix of outdoor work, basic automotive repair, some paperwork, and constant variety in locations covered and customers served. Work that is beyond this specialist’s roadside abilities will then often result in the specialist towing said vehicle to a repair shop for further service.


The automotive repair industry represents a quite sizable job sector and important market and will continue to do so through the unforeseen and distant future, according to the Automotive Service Association. These five career paths are just a few of the many great choices to be found here.

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