5 Great Blogs for Early Childhood Education Teachers

blogs for early childhood education

  • The First Grade Parade
  • Hands On: As We Grow
  • Early Childhood Teacher
  • Kaplan Early Learning Blog
  • Teacher Tom

Early childhood is a time of dynamic growth and change. Early childhood education is the first atmosphere in which many children experience these processes in an organized setting away from their family members. This means that early childhood education teachers have a great deal of influence over children’s futures. These five early childhood education teaching blogs provide excellent information and online professional networking opportunities.

The First Grade Parade

Those looking for a one-stop blog for curriculum and materials ideas and a place to chat with other teachers will enjoy The First Grade Parade. This blog is pure fun, and even includes chats and ideas on what to wear as a teacher and how to infuse learning with style in classroom decor. Early childhood education demands creativity and high energy, and The First Grade Parade offers a ton of both. It also posts professional development and continuing education opportunities.

Hands On: As We Grow

Early childhood educators know that that with the little ones, learning happens best when the kids have their hands on the curriculum. Hands On: As We Grow is a blog full of hands-on teaching curriculum and materials. Students will not even realize they are doing work, because these effective learning tools are designed to be entertaining. Teachers can search for activities geared towards specific student ages and abilities, as well as specific skills and subjects they wish to teach.

Early Childhood Teacher

Those looking for a strong professional development resource will enjoy Early Childhood Teacher. This blog is full of services for every stage. It offers teacher certification assistance, career advice, open job posts, and informative and academic articles about early childhood education. This site is great for teachers in the earliest stages of their careers, those looking to make an advancement within the field, as well as those still trying to determine if early childhood education is the right path for them.

Kaplan Early Learning Blog

Kaplan is one of the leading providers of education services and materials. The Kaplan Early Learning Blog was created to provide easy access to their services and connect professionals with each other. This blog offers advice and trusted information and guidance on every aspect of early childhood education teaching. It covers they types situations that teachers never think to ask about, and might not think to ask about. It also provides great ideas for engaging and educational projects to do with kids.

Teacher Tom

Teacher Tom is a superhero among early childhood education teachers. His blog is conveniently organized into a plethora of topics that teachers encounter every single day. It is an inviting space to connect with other teachers and learn more about one’s field and students. This blog is fun and easy to relate to, capturing the everyday lives of everyday teachers. Teacher Tom believes that the best way to learn about early childhood education is to learn from the preschoolers themselves!


Most people do not remember much about preschool and kindergarten, and yet those experiences shape many aspects of later life. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to early childhood education teaching. This five blogs offer information, resources, and opportunities to connect that make this career not only easier, but also more enjoyable.

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