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Wells College (Wells) is a small private college located near Aurora, NY. The college began operations in 1868 as an all-women’s school on property donated by Henry Wells, the founder of Wells Fargo and American Express. Wells College is still considered the “sister” school of Cornell University and offers cross-enrollment with Cornell and Ithaca College. Wells enjoys a central location and is a mere half-hour drive from Auburn and Ithaca and an hour drive from Syracuse and Rochester, the homes of some of the finest universities in the country. The curriculum at Wells is oriented around presenting a liberal arts education to its 450 enrolled students. Records indicate that the favorite baccalaureate degrees include biological and biomedical sciences, psychology, business, natural resource conservation, and social sciences.

Wells College is small enough that it does not require a breakdown into colleges to accomplish its central task of providing an exceptional education to its students that introduces them to a swiftly changing and dynamic world. Other schools with which Wells is affiliated fulfill the role of specialized departments. Indeed, students are required to serve a minimum of two internships during their time at Wells in the industry of their major field of study. They are also encouraged to use several opportunities funneled through Wells College to explore the world through other educational institutions, including schools based in foreign nations.

An example of how Wells utilizes its contacts with American and foreign educational, science, and art institutions is the Bachelor of Arts Theater Arts degree, which is unique to Wells. The theories of theater, film, and dance are taught in the classroom. Students take these theories and practice them at Wells under the tutelage of theater, film, and dance professionals An internship with a theater group is required to earn the degree with many students learning directly while working in Repertory, Off-Broadway, or Broadway theaters. Other aspects of the program include opportunities to travel to London, Florence, Australia, France, Thailand, Belgium, Japan, and other countries to learn from the premier performing artists in different cultures. The Bachelor of Theater Arts degree from Wells College prepares a graduate to seek immediate employment in their area of expertise. Over 90 percent of Wells students who hold this award are employed in the industry within six months of graduation.

Students are permitted to seek courses outside the Wells environment that are not offered at Wells. Cayuga Community College, Ithaca College, and Cornell University work with Wells students without the necessity of exiting one school to enter another. Many of these courses are offered online and are taken during the summer months or in tandem with current studies at Wells. Wells College itself has not sought to build an online presence due to the availability of such courses through its College Exchange Program.

With its educational connections throughout the Northeast area, Wells developed several agreements with other colleges and universities to facilitate advanced education opportunities for its graduates. One such program is its (4+1) program with Rochester University, where a student immediately moves into a master’s program after graduation from Wells without applying for admittance. The agreement involves Wells and the Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education at the University of Rochester. The program is specifically designed for students seeking a career in education. Those Wells students who choose to enter this program find themselves certified to teach in their area of expertise and to be the holder of an advanced master’s degree.

Other cooperative agreements between Wells College and outside schools include:

  • An engineering degree from Clarkson University or Columbia University
  • A Masters in Business Administration at Clarkson University
  • A Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a Master’s of Science in Nurse Practitioner from the University of Rochester
  • Doctor of Pharmacy from Binghamton University

Each of these degrees is not offered at Wells College. Another educational opportunity that Wells provides students is its cooperation with Syracuse University for students unable to enter the university directly out of high school. Students wishing to attend Syracuse can enter Wells College for one year to earn admittance by demonstrating their commitment toward gaining and education and a degree. Syracuse accepts applicants who have accomplished one year of study at Wells College with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. Students entering Wells with this program in mind must declare their intent before starting classes and will be assigned a specific plan that qualifies them for entrance into Syracuse University.

About Wells College

When Wells College was created in 1868, it was unusual for women to seek an education beyond what was termed a “finishing school.” The existence of schools like Wells allowed women to move ahead in a world dominated by men. The school took its mission to heart and quickly created a relationship with Cornell University, an all-male school at the time. Through the years, some exchange of classes in either school allowed promising students to venture beyond the cloistered confines of their school. Wells took a step further when it began establishing connections outside the country with reputable schools that guaranteed the safety of Wells students while exploring educational opportunities in places like London, Sydney, and Florence. When Wells College opened to allow male students in 2005, it was poised to create one of the best socially mobile programs in the country.

Wells College is ranked as the 649th Best College in the Nation by Forbes Magazine. US News & World Report ranks Wells as the 124th Best Liberal Arts School and the 16th Most Socially Mobile School in the country. The Washington Monthly as 159th amongst the Best Liberal Arts Colleges available for U.S. students.

Wells College Accreditation Details

Wells College is regionally accredited through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and holds a specialized accreditation through the Teacher Education Accreditation Council for its education programs and degrees.

Wells College Application Requirements

The acceptance rate at Wells College is 79 percent, making it one of the least selective schools in the nation. Applicants must present their official high school transcript to Wells along with and SAT or ACT score. Applicants must submit themselves as students in the upper 50 percent of their high school senior class. SAT scores must show a cumulative minimum score of 1010; ACT scores must be over 20. The application deadline varies each year but is within a week of March 1, depending on the configuration of the days of the week.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at Wells College runs at $30,900 per year. Students are expected to pay another $14,900 per year for room and board. All students are required to live on the Wells College campus while attending classes in New York and are required to live on whatever campus they are attending classes during any studies in foreign countries. Other expenses, such as books, tools, and travel, are added to the total cost of a student’s education at Wells.

Students seeking financial aid at Wells College must fill out and present a FAFSA application. Since Wells College is accredited, students have access to federal and state grant programs as well as local, state, and national scholarships. Wells itself has generated over a hundred scholarship programs since 1868 for students in need of financial help and for students who show merit. The Wells College grants and scholarships cover anywhere from $1,000 to $18,000 per year and are granted through a scholarship committee.

Graduates from Wells College enjoy the reputation the school generated throughout its existence. Employers seek graduates from Wells College as for their proven leadership, ingenuity, and adaptability.

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