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Online Associate’s Degree Programs Offered by The Baptist College of Florida

The Baptist College of Florida appears in our ranking of Best Tiny Colleges.

The Baptist College of Florida allows students to complete any of its degree programs online, which includes three associate’s degree programs. These programs also allow students to transfer to any of its bachelor’s degree programs or another school. Through online programs, students can take general education courses and specialized classes in the fields that interest them. They can also enjoy the convenience of taking classes as they handle other obligations or work full-time.

In the Associate of Arts in General Studies program, students will spend two years taking classes on the Bible and some general education courses. The college designed this program for undergrads who wanted to attend college without declaring a major. All the credits that students earn in the associate’s program will transfer to a bachelor’s program, including those available at the college and other schools. Student Success is the first class that associates students take, which teaches them tips on juggling their school and home or professional lives. They’ll also need to take 33 credits of general education courses, 12 credits of Bible and theology classes and 12 credits of electives.

An Associate of Divinity is available for students who want to serve their churches and communities. Majors must take 24 credits of divinity courses, including Biblical Backgrounds, Biblical Hermeneutics, Introduction to Christian Worldview and Preparing Expository Sermons. Introduction to Pastoral Ministry Philosophy is a required course that helps students develop the philosophy they will use as preachers. In Introduction to Pastoral Ministry Practice, students can practice their sermons in front of others. The college also requires that these majors do a pastoral practice in their chosen churches.

Also available is an Associate of Arts in Music that is suitable for students who want to use music as a way to worship. The music core features 33 credits of classes such as Sight Singing and Ear Training I and II, Elementary Harmony, Intermediate Harmony, Basic Conducting and Music Literature. Students also need to take a recital lab every semester that they remain in the program. Introduction to College Composition and Introduction to Speech Communication are some of the required classes that they need to take too.

About The Baptist College of Florida

The Baptist College of Florida is a private university affiliated with the Florida Baptist Convention. Pastors living in Florida during the late 1930s and early 1940s wanted to open a school that offered pastoral training. They established the college in 1943 and offered classes in Lakeland in the First Baptist Church. Originally called the Florida Baptist Institute, it offered practical training for future pastors and anyone who wanted to do missionary work. Students also had the option of attending the Baptist Bible Institute in New Orleans for credit. The school’s open enrollment policy led to rapid growth in the 1940s and eventually led to the campus moving to Graceville. It would serve as the Florida Baptist Theological College from 1988 until it adopted The Baptist College of Florida name. Also known as BCF, it still offers training for pastors along with degree programs to a few hundred students every year.

The Baptist College of Florida Accreditation Details

Online students seeking an associate’s degree from BCF can get financial aid to pay for their degrees because this college has regional accreditation. It sought accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) as a way to show students that their degrees were worthwhile and to help them access the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). BCF also has full accreditation for its music programs from the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). The Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education (CIE) approved the college for its distance education programs too.

The Baptist College of Florida Application Requirements

With the campus tours that BCF offers, students can tour the entire campus and meet with both other students and their future professors. The main requirement for starting at the college is an academic record. Students can show that they completed high school with a transcript or provide a transcript from a home school program. Those with a GED can submit a GED transcript or the official score that they earned on that test. Before sending in a transcript, students need to use the BCF application.

This application requires that students create a new account and log in with their accounts. They can use their information to view upcoming events on-campus or to see the reports that the college releases every year. The application has spots where students will upload their letters of recommendation. They need to provide one letter written by a pastor that describes how the student helped the Church. The second letter can come from anyone who knows the student such as a friend or peer. BCF then asks students to submit two photographs that show their faces and a photo ID to prove their identity. Students also need to put down an enrollment deposit. BCF only requires immunization and vaccination records from those taking on-campus classes.

Tuition and Financial Aid

In addition to the $25 application fee, BCF students will also pay $360 per credit hour unless they are still in high school. High school students qualify for the dual enrollment rate of $150 per credit hour. The college estimates that students pay $525 every semester for their supplies and books. On-campus students also need to purchase a room and board package, which includes options for married students with children. Online students can get financial aid that covers some of their living expenses too.

BCF encourages students to apply at least 45 days before the beginning of the semester and that they apply for financial aid at the same time. The FAFSA helps students receive Pell grants, a supplemental grant offered by the federal government and subsidized loans. Federal parent loans (PLUS loans) are available also. Though work-study is usually only available for on-campus students, this program may help online students qualify for local jobs. The Florida Assistance Grant and Florida Bright Futures Scholarship goes to online students who live in Florida. The Baptist College of Florida offers resources for students applying to its online associate’s degree programs to help them complete the FAFSA and apply for other types of financial aid.

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