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Online Associate Degree Programs at Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Cheapest Associate’s in Graphic Design Degrees Online.

Though based out of Minnesota, Rasmussen College offers online associate degree programs for students living in any state. Students have the option of also taking classes on a local branch of the college, but they can also earn their degrees entirely through their online studies. Many of the online associate programs have an emphasis on business such as its business information program. It includes classes such as Introduction to Business, Principles of Management and Introduction to Functional and Project Management.

Students with an interest in law and legal studies can earn an associate degree in either criminal justice or paralegal studies. Introduction to Criminal Justice is a course offered in both programs that goes over the basics of the American legal and criminal justice systems. Criminal justice majors will also take Motives for Criminal Deviance and Field Communications in Criminal Justice. The paralegal studies program teaches students how to help attorneys in the courtroom and in their offices. It includes classes such as Introduction to Paralegal Studies, Law Office Technology and Legal Research.

All the online associate programs offered by Rasmussen College allow students to complete their degrees in 18 months. Students can graduate even faster when they apply for prior learning credits and/or transfer credits into a program. The college’s graphic design program will accept both types of credits. It allows students to select from concentrations in animation and motion graphics or web and interactive design. Both concentrations feature some of the same required courses, including 3D Animation, Design Foundations, and User Experience Design. Students can build their own sites and apps in this program.

The early childhood education associate program offered by the college has at least one start date each month. Students can apply at the beginning or the end of one month and start the following month. Designed for those who want to work with young children, it prepares students for working in preschools, daycare centers, and elementary schools. Students will take courses that include Advocating for Children with Special Needs and Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Instruction. Some of the other majors that online associate degree students can choose from include network systems administration, software application development, information technology, human services, health information technology, and health information management.

About Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is a private college system that has a large online presence and campuses in several American states. Founded as the Rasmussen Practical School of Business, it opened in 1900 as a small school in Stillwater, Minnesota. Walter Rasmussen, the founder of the school, believed that locals needed a way to gain practical business skills. This campus saw its enrollment grow after accepting women in the 1920s and after soldiers headed back to school after World War II. The school also grew as it acquired other colleges and after it launched an online college in 2000.

The Rasmussen name now applies to college campuses in six states. It has its headquarters in Minnesota but also operates traditional campuses in Wisconsin, Illinois, and North Dakota among others. The college has a large alumni network that includes more than 100,000 students and a current enrollment of more than 13,000 students. Those students can now earn one of three degrees in more than 70 subjects. Rasmussen College offers a small number of certificate programs too.

Rasmussen College Accreditation Details

Regional accreditation is what lets colleges create financial aid packages that include government funds and accept transfer credits. Rasmussen College has regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The health information program offered by the college has accreditation too. Some of the college’s campuses have accreditation for other degree programs as well.

Rasmussen College Application Requirements

Students can apply to Rasmussen College after meeting with a program manager. Each program available through the college has managers who can help students apply online. The college does not charge an application fee but does ask that students allow a manager to fill out the applications for them. This manager will ask questions to find out what level of education the student has, where he or she lives and what the applicant wants to study. Its open enrollment policy allows students to apply and meet the requirements for enrollment in just a few short days.

After finishing the application, students must complete an entrance exam. Those who already attended college and have transcripts that show the classes they took are exempt from this exam. All other students will take the exam to determine where they are in regards to their peers. It essentially determines where they will start in a program. Some programs may ask that students complete a form that allows the college to perform a background check. Students will also need to complete an online orientation, which shows them how to use the online system.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Rasmussen College does not offer upfront information about the cost of its online classes, but it does offer a tuition estimator tool. Prospective students can enter a zip code, the subject they want to study and some other information to see how much it will cost them to attend the college. The basic amount that most students pay is around $9,300 a year, which includes more than $1,500 in fees. Students may pay more or less based on the number of credits they want to take. Both a military discount and a corporate discount are available for students who work for a specific company or are in the military. Each program provides those students with a 10% discount. The university also allows students to take more than 16 credits in a semester and pay for only 16 credits.

Students who need financial aid should start with the FAFSA. Any of the government grants that are available only go to those who file this form. They can also qualify for loans through the FAFSA. Rasmussen has a Flex Choice program that charges students a per credit hour fee and allows them to learn credits for their life and professional experiences. The college also has a scholarship for nursing students of $4,600 and a separate $1,000 scholarship that goes to students nominated by others. All these financial aid options are open to students applying to one of its online associate degree programs.

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