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Online Associate’s Degree Programs Available at Martinsburg College

Martinsburg College appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Affordable Associate’s in Health Services Administration Online.

The three online associate’s degree programs offered at Martinsburg College help students earn their degrees from home or while they’re in the military. One option is an Associate of Science in Business Administration, which helps students learn more about accounting, finance, and general business. They will need to take more than 10 classes, including Introduction to Psychology, Business Software Applications I, I and III, Business Office Administration Skills, Sales and Marketing, Business Marketing and Introduction to Operating Systems and Software Applications. Students have the option of taking classes from other subject areas online too.

Martinsburg College offers an Associate of Science in Integrated Technologies too. This program looks at some of the technologies that individuals use when they do work or run a business from home and when they work for others. It can prepare students for working as network administrators and technical support officers. Introduction to Computer Technologies, Network Management I and II and Computer Repair Maintenance I and II are some of the classes in the program. Students also take three courses on IT fundamentals to learn about networking fundamentals, server administration, and security.

The college’s Associate of Science in Healthcare Administration is one of its more popular online programs. Students learn the basics of billing and coding, including what medical codes relate to specific treatment options and programs and how they can input those codes to bill patients and their insurance companies. They can use their skills to work in positions that require working with medical instruments or as pharmacy technicians. Some of those positions may require additional schooling though. The program includes five required courses: Medical Terminology I and II, Medical Office Procedures, Business Software Applications for the Medical Office and Business Office Administration Skills. Martinsburg College also offers some online certificate programs.

About Martinsburg College

Martinsburg College is a small private college that offers degree and certificate programs designed for those in the military. Established in 1980, it opened in New York City with a training center. The college expected students to visit that center at least once a year to work with professors and others before heading home and doing workbooks and assignments that they mailed back to the campus. After the college moved to Martinsburg, West Virginia, it became Martinsburg College and looked for ways to reach more students. This led to the college adding new programs for traditional students who had no military experience.

The college no longer maintains a campus or a training center. All the work that students do takes place online, but they have access to resources that they can use for their classes. Students can also interact with their teachers online and over the phone. There are certificate programs available that students can complete in eight months or less and degree programs that they can finish in two years. Martinsburg College now accepts traditional students with a high school diploma, home school certificate or GED and programs designed for military students, veterans and their families.

Martinsburg College Accreditation Details

Martinsburg College has accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). This accreditation covers both the college’s degree and certificate programs and allows students to do work from home. It also received a permit from the state of West Virginia that allows it to operate in the state and offer online classes for all types of students. Though it does not have regional accreditation, the college can accept government funds from students taking classes.

Martinsburg College Application Requirements

Six of the certificate programs offered by the college only accept students who have a high school diploma or a GED. Those programs include computer support technology and human resources management. All certificate programs ask that students do an interview too. They will talk with an admissions representative about what they hope to get out of the program and any experiences they have. This helps the college make sure that the student is a good fit. Students hoping to earn a degree from the college must meet the same requirements and go through the same admissions interview.

Martinsburg does not require that students complete an application. It instead asks that students contact the college and speak to a representative. That representative can help students answer questions that would usually appear on an application. They can also help students understand what they need to do to use the GI Bill and other military benefits and how they can get federal financial aid. Home school students can take classes at the college too. They will need to provide some type of document that shows they completed a home school program that meets the requirements of the state for a high school diploma.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students attending Martinsburg College may only $222 per credit hour or $666 per class. Associate’s degree students pay $3,330 per semester as a full-time student. The college also charges the same rate for its certificate programs. It costs up to $3,996 to complete one of its certificate programs. Students do not need to pay any other fees and they won’t face any other costs because the college does not offer on-campus housing and provides them with digital textbooks.

Most of the students attending Martinsburg are military students or the dependents of those in the military. Veterans can use the GI Bill, which gives them funds based on when they enlisted and how long they served. The Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Program provides funds to any student on active duty status. Students who are the children of veterans and those in the military qualify for the Post 9/11 GI Bill and other benefits, which can also go to the spouses of those individuals. Martinsburg can help students learn about their benefits and get access to those funds.

Federal financial aid is also available for any student who uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and shows a financial need on that form. Students need social security or resident alien number, tax return from the previous year and a driver’s license to use the FAFSA. They can get a Pell grant of nearly $6,200 and qualify for loans through the FAFSA. Students working on an online associate’s degree through Martinsburg College can often use federal aid and military benefits while in school.

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