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Online Associate Degrees at Independence University

Independence University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Cheapest Associate’s in Graphic Design Degrees Online.

Independence University is a higher education institution that operates entirely online. A student can receive an associate degree in as little as 19 to 26 months. The amount of time it takes to complete a degree depends entirely on the course of study one chooses. Students do not have long to wait to begin their education once they are accepted. All four-week classes begin each month.

Independence University offers associate degrees in Business, Graphic Arts and Healthcare. Healthcare students can choose to specialize in either Medical Specialties or Respiratory Therapy. Currently, Independence University is not accepting new applications in Medical Specialties.

Students who pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Business can expect to complete the program in 19 months. These students learn business law, finances, communication and other skills essential to navigating the business world. Courses included in this program reach across the spectrum of basic business knowledge. Students are expected to take Payroll Accounting and Human Resources and Policies, Introduction to Human Resource Management, Marketing and Business Etiquette and Technology in Marketing and Branding Strategy as well as many other courses.

Those seeking an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Arts will receive a degree within 20 months. Graphic Arts students learn such vital skills as web design, internet commerce, and entrepreneurship. They also take courses that focus specifically on the most common graphic arts applications like Photoshop and Flash. Students will take classes like Typography, Digital Animation, Advertising Principles, and Graphic Design.

Independence University offers an Associate of Occupational Studies in Medical Specialties. This 22-month program prepares students for jobs in the medical field that include medical billing, medical assistant and pharmacy technician. Students in this program must complete 90.5 credit hours to receive the associate degree. Included are general education courses as well as a variety of classes that provide a general basis for a medical degree. Some of these include Insurance Specialist, Office Clinical Procedures, Pharmacy Technology Applications, and Medical Terminology, Law and Ethics.

Students seeking a future career as a respiratory therapist, sleep center technologist or pulmonary function technologist may wish to pursue an Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy. During the 26-month course of study, students will take classes that include Patient Assessment, Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology, Airway Management, and Mechanical Ventilation.

About Independence University

Independence University is a wholly online university. It was founded in 1978 as a distance education institution called California College for Health Sciences. The school was renamed to Independence University in 2005 due to its expansion to business, technology and graphic arts fields.

Independence University is part of Stevens-Henager College, which is a traditional four-year college based out of Ogden, Utah. Stevens-Henager College was founded in 1891 to provide a business education to students. With many changes in name and status over the years, Stevens-Henager is currently operating as a non-profit, private school that has a strong focus on career placement. The school does not offer on-campus housing at any of its locations.

Along with associate degrees, Independence University offers bachelor’s degrees in numerous business, technology, medical and graphic arts fields. The school also offers master’s degrees in Information Systems, Healthcare Administration, Public Health, Nursing Education, Nursing Administration and Business Administration with an option for an emphasis in entrepreneurship.

Independence University Accreditation Details

Independence University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. The university’s Associate of Science Degree in Respiratory Therapy is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care.

Independence University Application Requirements

Students who wish to apply to Independence University must contact the school for an application. Independence University may be contacted by completing a form on the website or by calling to speak with an admissions consultant. Prospective students will interview with the director of admissions and a financial planner as well as an admissions counselor. The school requires high school transcripts as well as transcripts from any previous higher education institutions.

Acceptance to Independence University is not dependent upon previous grades or college entrance exam scores. Students do need to prove that they have graduated from high school or completed a General Education Development, or High School Equivalency exam. Military members who wish to take advantage of discounted military tuition must provide proof of military career.

Independence University does not operate on a quarterly or semester method. Instead, their classes are on four-week schedules that begin each month. Therefore, there are no application deadlines.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition fees are discussed with the admissions counselor when the student applies to Independence University. The rough cost of tuition at Independence University is about $17,000, but this can greatly vary depending on program and financial aid. Independence University does not provide a flat fee for all students.

The university helps applicants with financial aid. It is recommended that all students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. This will help to determine the student’s ability to pay, receive certain scholarships, loans, and grants. Independence University helps to walk students through the FAFSA and any other scholarships for which the student may be eligible.

Independence University offers some grants and scholarships for online students. While scholarships are only available to those pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees, grants are open to students at the associate level. The Family Grant, offered by Independence University, pays for 10 percent of the school’s total tuition.

The university offers discounted tuition for military members and their families. The Yellow Ribbon Scholarship is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Independence University matches the amount of this scholarship, which sometimes covers the remaining cost of tuition and fees once GI Bill benefits have been applied. The Fry Scholarship is available to all spouses and dependents of military members who have died since 9/11. The ThanksUSA Scholarship is offered to military spouses. While these scholarships are not offered by Independence University, the school does help applicants with information about the scholarships as well as how to apply.

Students who wish to pursue an associate degree from Independence University should visit the school’s website for more information.