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Online Associate’s Degree Programs Available from Harrisburg Area Community College

Harrisburg Area Community College appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Affordable Associate’s in Web Development Online.

Harrisburg Area Community College in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania offers more than 20 online associate’s degree programs for students today. Some of these programs help students transition to a bachelor’s program such as its general studies option. Students take English, math, science and social studies classes. They can then transfer to a branch of Pennsylvania State University or one of the other four-year universities in the state. The college’s liberal studies program also includes courses that will transfer to other programs. Many students later earn degrees in nutrition, education, communications, history or social work.

Some of the online programs include multiple concentration options such as the college’s web development and design program. It offers concentrations in general web studies, web application development and interactive web media. Depending on which concentrations they choose, students can take courses such as Advanced Development, Introduction to Windows Development, Raster Imaging and Photography and Vector Imaging and SVG. Though the online social sciences program does not include any concentrations, it allows students to take classes in psychology, anthropology, social work and other social sciences. The college also offers an associate’s degree in business administration that is available online.

In addition to business administration, students can major in general business or enroll in a business program and pick a specific concentration. Their concentration options include general business, marketing, accounting and management. Each program can help students learn the fundamentals of running a business owned by someone else or starting a business of their own, including how to create a business plan and secure investors. The college’s wellness health promotion program includes two concentrations also. Students can choose from workplace wellness or community health based on whether they want to help employees or the community at large. Harrisburg Area Community College offers a variety of other online majors for students who want to earn an associate’s degree. They can choose majors in health science, gerontology, industrial technology or healthcare management.

About Harrisburg Area Community College

Harrisburg Area Community College is one of the top community colleges in Pennsylvania. Founded in 1964, it opened with a single campus in Harrisburg. After receiving regional accreditation just three years later, the college began slowly opening other campuses to help students outside of Harrisburg. There are now five campuses in the Harrisburg Area Community College system, including those in Gettysburg, York, Lancaster and Lebanon. The Harrisburg campus is home to most of the college’s degree programs and a large student center that offers places for students to study and relax. Often called HACC, this public community college system has an enrollment of more than 19,000 students across all five campuses, which makes it one of the state’s largest educational systems.

Harrisburg Area Community College Accreditation Details

Though some students don’t consider accreditation when choosing a school, they should, especially if they have some college credits they want to transfer. The college can accept those credits because it holds regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). This is also why students who need financial aid can take advantage of the loans and grants available from the government. Incoming students will find that the college also has accreditation for programs such as from various organizations. Those programs include the college’s majors in art and design, automotive technology, dental assisting, nursing and massage therapy.

Harrisburg Area Community College Application Requirements

HACC recommends that students reach out to an admissions counselor before they apply. These counselors also serve as recruiters and let students know more about the college and why they should attend. Students can also meet with counselors when they attend college events at local high schools. HACC offers a free application online that allows students to complete the entire application in under 30 minutes. Those who want to go over their answers to make sure they didn’t make any mistakes can log in and out with the registration information they set up. This is the same login information they will use when accessing the scholarship portal and other online resources.

The main requirement for incoming students is some type of transcript. HACC will accept an official transcript from students who completed high school and an unofficial transcript from those who are still in high school. It also allows students to use a GED score rather than a school transcript. Students will then apply for financial aid through the FAFSA and wait for an acceptance letter to arrive through the mail or via email. This letter will have information about the student’s admission counselor and instructions on how to sign up for a placement test. Students who scored high on the ACT or SAT can submit their scores and request a placement test waiver. They will then attend a college orientation session and register for classes.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students attending HACC have until the end of July to pay their tuition and expenses for the fall semester. The college also requires that students fill out a residency form to show that they qualify for the lowest tuition rates. Tuition at HACC costs up to 25% less than what other universities in the area charge. Pennsylvania residents pay $2,664 to take 12 credit hours of classes or $6,660 to take 30 credits of classes each year, which allows them to take a full course load over two semesters. Students who are not from Pennsylvania pay $3,864 to take 12 credits and $8,334 to take 30 credits of classes. The college offers payment plans and makes it easy for students to sign up for one of those plans.

Another way students can pay their HACC costs is with a financial aid package. These packages contain aid from the college and funds from the government. It will send out award letters several weeks before the semester starts to let students know if their packages will cover the entire cost of attendance. Not only can they participate in the federal work-study program, but they can get grants and loans too. HACC offers several scholarships for students seeking degrees too. They can use the college’s portal to view those scholarships and to apply for the different programs. The online associate’s degree programs offered by Harrisburg Area Community College will accept any of the financial aid granted to a student.

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