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Online Associate’s Degrees from Florida National University

Florida National University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Affordable Associate’s in Health Services Administration Online.

A number of associate’s degrees are available through Florida National University. Students may achieve an Associate of Science or an Associate of Arts in a variety of fields. These different areas of study include accounting, business administration, computer developer, computer information technology, networking system administrator, criminal justice, education, health services administration, public administration and paralegal studies.

Students who attend Florida National University must complete a minimum of 60 hours to achieve an associate’s degree in any field. All students can expect to classes that fulfill the general requirements. These general requirements may vary depending upon which field of study the student pursues. All students will be expected to take communications, humanities, mathematics, computers and science courses. Some of the core classes include English Composition I & II, Fundamentals of Oral Communication, College Algebra, Introduction to Statistics and Introduction to Information Technology.

Students may begin taking core classes once they have completed the general requirements. These core classes are specific to the area of concentration. A student pursuing a degree in health services administration might take classes like Medical Office Procedures or Introduction to Health Care while someone studying criminal justice will take courses that include Introduction to Criminal Law, Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation and Criminology.

Florida National University may accept transfer credits from other schools. Students should request transcripts from any previous colleges attended as well as AP or college-level schools taken at the high school level. These transcripts must be sent directly to the registrar’s office at the university. At that time, the school will determine which, if any, credits will transfer.

Along with the associate degree, students may wish to obtain a certificate or diploma to aid with education and the job search. Florida National University offers diploma programs for X-ray technician, computer office specialist, dental laboratory technician, legal secretary, medical assistant, medical coding and billing specialist or medical secretary. The school has certificate programs in AutoCad, call center and customer service, clinical echocardiography, dental assistant, English as a second language and patient care technician.

About Florida National University

Florida National University is a for-profit institution. The school was founded in 1988 for the purpose of providing career-readiness courses to students. Florida National University has two in-seat campuses, but it primarily operates online using adjunct instructors. Florida National University does have a physical training center that students can use to work with computers and in medical labs.

Florida National University Accreditation Details

Florida National University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. All associate degrees are accredited through this institution, though the accreditation all covers bachelor and master degrees.

The university is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education and the Department of Education. Florida National University is approved to provide education for veterans through the state of Florida and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The school has also been approved to enroll non-resident international students.

Florida National University Application Requirements

Florida National University is an open enrollment university. Students do not need to have a minimum GPA or college entrance test scores in order to gain admittance to the university. Students wishing to apply may do so online through the school’s application portal. Students with questions about application requirements may wish to chat with a representative of the university before applying. These individuals are available via telephone, email or through online chat sessions.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students who attend Florida National University to achieve an associate degree will pay $550 per credit hour regardless of the number of hours or the area of study. Florida National University offers to discount this rate to veterans and military members who are currently active duty. Students may be able to test out of certain courses, which incurs a fee of $275 per course. This is most common with mathematics and certain humanities programs.

Along with the tuition fees, students at Florida National University are charged a variety of fees. The registration fee for all programs is $100. Lab and technology fees are $50 per course. Other fees are charged as needed, such as for background checks or ESL needs. Once a student completes his or her associate degree, a cost of $160 is charged for graduation and $15 if the student would like to receive an official diploma.

As with most for-profit institutions, Florida National University also charges students who wish to receive certification while they are attending. Certificate programs are $425 per credit hour. Diploma programs are charged at the same $550 rate as associate and bachelor degrees.

The full cost of attending Florida National University is approximately $6,844 per semester or $13,688 per year when students enroll in 24 hours of study. It takes approximately 2.5 years for most students to achieve an associate degree from this school. The overall cost of the degree is $34,220.

Students who attend Florida National University are eligible for certain types of financial aid. The school encourages all students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, in order to determine financial need. Students may be eligible for federal or state grants. They may also take out a student loan to help to pay for education expenses. All of these require a completed FAFSA.

The university offers tuition incentives to those who fall into specific categories. Government employees receive a 15 percent discount on all associate degree programs. Active military members, veterans and their families may receive substantially discounted tuition rates. The school also allies with a number of corporate institutions to provide lower-cost tuition to their employees. Prospective students should call Florida National University to learn if their employer is covered under the Corporate Alliances program.

Some students may receive scholarships from Florida National University. These scholarships vary in size, type, and scope. Academic scholarships are based on college entrance exam score combined with high school GPA. These scholarships range from $1,260 to $3,150 each year. All scholarships require that the student complete a pre-set number of hours of community service to qualify.

Learn more about online associate degrees from Florida National University by visiting the school’s website.

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