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Online Associate’s Degree Programs Offered by Craven Community College

Craven Community College appears in our ranking of the Top 20 Affordable Associate’s in Entrepreneurship Online.

Craven Community College offers online classes for students through its ed2go program. Students can take individual courses to see if they have an interest in certain subjects and transfer the credits they earn into a full program. The emergency medical services classes that are available online help students earn their certificates in this field too.

Students who want to transfer to a four-year program can choose between the college’s Associate’s degree programs in arts and general education. Though both programs let students pick from different electives, they earn have some required courses too. The college designed these programs to help students meet the general education requirements at other schools. In the arts program, students take fine arts, math, English, science, and social sciences classes. Both programs include a course called College Transfer Success too, which prepares students for university life. The general education program includes humanities, math, science, psychology, and other classes.

Several online Associate’s degree programs are available in business, including business administration and entrepreneurship. The business administration program includes courses such as Introduction to Business, Principles of Managerial Accounting, Principles of Management, Business Ethics and Professional Research and Reporting. It is also available with a concentration in operations management. The entrepreneurship program gets students ready for opening and running a small business, including how to cover their start-up costs and the basics of hiring new workers. It includes Basic PC Literacy, Entrepreneur Marketing, Business Law, Funding for Entrepreneurs, Customer Service and Innovation and Creativity.

In the college’s early childhood education program, students learn how to handle the needs of young children and their families. Students can become teaching assistants or transfer to a four-year university and take courses to meet the requirements to get a North Carolina teaching license. The program includes Curriculum Planning, Advanced Issues in Early Childhood, Child Guidance, Child Development I and II and Infants, Toddlers and Twos. Craven Community College offers online degree programs in criminal justice and information technology with a concentration in support services. Students can also earn diplomas online in areas such as medical office administration, criminal justice technology, and early childhood education.

About Craven Community College

Craven Community College is a community college often called Craven CC. Founded in 1965, the college opened as a branch of Lenoir Community College called the Craven Industrial Education Center or CIEC. As the education center added more programs, it became a separate institution called a technical institute. During the 1970s, the institute added transfer options that allowed students to bring credits into a program and transfer their credits to a different university or college. This led to it becoming a community college and adopting the Craven CC name.

The main campus in the Craven system is in New Bern, North Carolina. Most of the students who take classes here are from the same county or a surrounding county. A second campus is in Havelock, which offers classes in aviation technology. This campus also offers online classes and courses that students can take through local high schools. Craven CC also has a campus on the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point that offers classes for military students and civilians. A new program established by the college accepts 50 students each year and allows them to earn college credits while they’re in high school.

Craven Community College Accreditation Details

The institutional accreditation held by Craven CC comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Students can contact that organization or the college to learn more. This type of accreditation is one of the requirements for incoming students who want to get financial aid and plan to use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Many of the programs offered by the college have accreditation also, including early childhood education, aviation system technology, business administration, nursing and computer technology programs.

Craven Community College Application Requirements

The open-door policy established by Craven CC allows any student to apply and enroll in classes as long as the individual meets certain requirements. Students must be 18 years or older, meet the eligibility requirements for studying in North Carolina and have a high school diploma or its equivalent. An interest form is available online that lets students express their interest in learning more about the college. An admissions counselor will contact the student later.

Incoming students must complete an interview to show that they are a resident of North Carolina, which allows them to pay the in-state tuition rate. They will also need to apply to the college and submit the FAFSA. Craven asks for official transcripts from students’ high schools or a GED score or transcript. Students who meet some requirements can skip the placement test, including those who submit a recent score from the ACT or SAT. The placement test is available on each campus of the Craven system. After they apply, students can both register for classes and attend the college’s orientation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At Craven CC, students pay $76 per credit hour if they live in North Carolina. The college charges a maximum rate of $1,216 per semester for residents. Nonresidents pay $268 per credit hour at the college. No matter how many classes they take, those students will never pay more than $4,288 in a semester. Students also pay fees of around $98 a semester. The college offers a special program that allows students to pay a small fee at the beginning of the semester and get access to online textbooks too.

Financial aid packages are available for Craven CC students too. The college has a priority deadline of June first and asks students to submit the FAFSA by this date. North Carolina residents qualify for grants offered by the state government. All students can get federal grants too such as the Pell grant. The North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship also goes to in-state students who attend a college or university in NC. Students can qualify for the federal work-study program and for a grant that covers the cost of childcare. Craven Community College offers the same financial aid for students in its online Associate’s degree programs as it does its on-campus students.

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