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Online Degree Programs at Community College of Vermont

The Community College of Vermont appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Cheapest Associate’s in Graphic Design Degrees Online.

The Community College of Vermont understands that students today often have busy schedules and lives, which is why it offers classes on all 12 of its campuses. Students can earn an associate’s degree online too. They can complete an Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education or Liberal Studies. The liberal studies program serves as a foundation program that prepares students for focusing on a specific subject in a senior college or university as they work on a bachelor’s degree. Early childhood education majors develop the skills needed to work with preschool aged children and younger kids.

There are seven Associate of Science programs available online too, many of which have a focus on a specific area of business. The general business program allows students to choose from electives designed for starting and running a small business and for working for others. It includes classes such as Introduction to Business, Small Business Marketing, Business Law and Business Analytics and Decision Making. A similar program in accounting includes several finance courses too.

An Associate of Science in Criminal Justice is also available online. Designed for those who want to work in corrections or a legal field, it includes a professional field experience component that asks students to spend at least one semester working for a criminal justice organization or office. Some of the classes that these majors take include Introduction to Research Methods, Introduction to Criminal Justice, National Security and Terrorism, American Judicial Process, Law Enforcement in America and Restorative Justice.

The college offers a STEM Studies major online too, which includes classes in science, technology, engineering, and math. Designed for those who want to work in tech fields, it asks students to take 23 credits of classes that include a combination of courses from those four subject areas. They will also do a professional field experience and take a class called Technical Writing and Research.

The AA in Design and Media Studies can be completed mostly online and prepares graduates for careers in web publishing, graphic design, illustration, and more.

Students attending the Community College of Vermont can also supplement their associate’s degree programs with certificate programs in fields such as website design and workplace skills.

About Community College of Vermont

The Community College of Vermont is a junior college that offers traditional classes on its campuses and some online programs. Established in 1970 as the Vermont Regional Community College Commission (VRCCC), it opened with just one campus in Montpelier. The college first offered just a few classes and had an enrollment of only 50 students. It slowly expanded into other cities and now has 12 locations in Vermont. The college was one of the first in Vermont to launch a computer system that allowed students on all of its campus to connect and work together. This would later become the basis for its online system, which now allows students to take classes towards an associate’s degree.

Now known as the Community College of Vermont or CCV, the college has campuses in 12 major cities and rural areas across the state. Most programs take just two years to complete, though students can enroll in those programs part time and spend more time on their degrees. It offers Associate of Arts, Science, and Applied Science degree programs. Students can also earn one of eight different certificates from the college. Across all 12 campuses and its online programs, CCV has an enrollment of more than 6,000 students.

Community College of Vermont Accreditation Details

CCV has the same type of accreditation that senior and traditional colleges have. This is a form of regional accreditation, which comes from the New England Commission for Higher Education (NECHE). With regional accreditation, CCV graduates can transfer to senior colleges and take their credits with them. They can also transfer credits earned through high school programs and other schools into the college. CCV can also use federal funds to give students the aid packages that they need.

Community College of Vermont Application Requirements

Any student who attended CCV and took at least four semesters off and those who never attended the college before can use the same application. The college recommends that students who have questions either contact them online through email or visit one a local campus. Students attending any Vermont State College can take classes at CCV without filling out an application.

Incoming students only need to fill out the CCV online application. The college asks that students complete the entire application at the same time. Students will need to enter their full names and dates of birth on the first page and fill out a separate section if they want the college to call them by any other names. Each page in the application has a save button on the bottom that allows students to save their progress.

New students will then meet with an academic advisor to go over the programs that interest them and which classes they should take. They can submit official scores from an exam such as the SAT or take skills assessment tests through the college. Their scores will help determine which courses they should take and if they need to take any prerequisites. The college also lets students look at their payment options and apply for financial aid after filling out its online application.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost for CCV students who are full-time Vermont residents is $268 per credit hour. Students who are nonresidents pay $536 per credit hour unless they qualify for the college’s good neighbor policy. Those who live in neighboring states pay the same rate that Vermont residents do. The college charges an administrative fee of $75 per semester and charges fees for technology courses and special classes.

Students need to pay the total amount due on their accounts within the first four days after registration closes each semester. They can log into their accounts and online to make their payments. Students may also qualify for up to three different types of financial aid but only if the college receives the student’s FAFSA. They can get federal and state grants, work for the college as part of the federal work study program or get federal loans. CCV also offers 14 scholarships and recommends that students apply for its two affiliated scholarships. Scholarships and other financial aid options can cover most of the costs of a Community College of Vermont online associate’s degree program.

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