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Online Associate Degree Programs at Chippewa Valley Technical College

Chippewa Valley Technical College appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Affordable Associate’s in Web Development Online.

Chippewa Valley Technical College offers a total of more than 90 degree programs as well as a small number of certificate programs. Ten of the programs are available online for students seeking an associate’s degree. The technical studies program prepares students for working as journey workers and helps them get their licenses to do plumbing and electrical work in Wisconsin. Another program allows students to earn an associate’s degree in supply chain management. It looks at logistics and analytics as the program teaches students how to trace a supply chain across all levels.

All the online programs offered by Chippewa Valley Technical College allow students to graduate in two years and feature 60 credits of classes. Each program starts in the fall and allows students to start in the spring/winter or summer and include both general education courses and required core classes. Students in the professional communication program take courses that teach them how to create content for the web and social media sites, the basics of testing content for readers and how to communicate through other methods. This program trains students on working as technical writers and online content producers as well as entrepreneurs.

Two of the online associate’s degree programs are available in information technology (IT) fields. Students can choose between the college’s software developer or software developer specialist programs. Each one teaches students about some of the software and program languages and systems that they’ll use to create apps and games. They also learn how to troubleshoot computer problems and walk clients through possible solutions.

One of the more popular options for students who know that they will later transfer to another college is the liberal studies program, which lets students earn an Associate of Science degree. The general education courses they take will transfer to other schools and fulfill some of the requirements of a bachelor’s degree program. Students can also take classes in certain subject areas such as criminal justice or business based on what they want to study in a four-year university. Chippewa Valley Technical College also offers programs for students who want to enter the workforce such as a library science program that looks at issues such as resource management and budgeting for libraries. All of these programs are available online from the college.

About Chippewa Valley Technical College

Chippewa Valley Technical College is a community college in Wisconsin that is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System. The main campus in Eau Claire is home to several campuses that offer opportunities and programs for students. Students can also enroll in programs available on the campuses in River Falls, Chippewa Falls and two other cities in Wisconsin. Most of its student body comes from one of the 11 counties that surround the campus.

Also called CVTC, the college offers associate degree programs that are available on all campuses and online. It also offers technical programs that take less time to finish and give graduates a diploma and not a degree. Continuing education programs are available for adult learners and any student who wants to go back to school, and similar programs are available for high school students. Those students get some college experience before they enroll full-time. CVTC has a total enrollment of more than 6,300 students and more than 15,000 continuing education students.

Chippewa Valley Technical College Accreditation Details

CVTC has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which gives it the regional accreditation necessary for creating and award financial aid packages to students. Those who apply to CVTC and use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can get financial help from the federal government. That accreditation also shows students that the college offers quality education programs and that they can transfer their credits after taking classes.

Chippewa Valley Technical College Application Requirements

Though the college doesn’t have an application deadline, it does open the process on May first for students who are still in high school. They can apply to the college and take online or traditional classes while still in high school or start a degree program in the summer or fall after they graduate. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete the online application and a few weeks or less before students receive decision letters from the college. There is a $30 application fee that students will need to pay when they submit that application too.

The college asks students to apply for financial aid after applying for admissions to make sure that they get the funding needed to start classes. There are also entrance exams required of some students. If a student recently took the SAT or ACT, he or she can submit an official score. The college will use that score to decide on the placement of the student in certain classes. All other students will take an entrance exam that is similar to one of those tests. Students’ scores determine where they place in some of the required subject areas at the college.

Tuition and Financial Aid

As CVTC sits so close to the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, it offers an in-state tuition rate for students from both states. They pay $134.20 per credit hour. To qualify for this rate, students must show that they lived in either state for a full 12 months before they started classes. Students from outside of those states will pay $201.30 per credit hour. Tuition is generally due at the beginning of the semester unless the student receives financial aid or sets up a payment plan. The college charges an initial fee of $25 and allows students to divide their payments into equal amounts made across the year.

Paying for college is easy because more than 60% of CVTC students qualify for a Pell grant. Those who complete the FAFSA can also get loans or sign up for the college’s work-study program. Admissions counselors can assist veterans and other students who qualify for the GI Bill and similar programs. The accounts that students set up with the admissions website allow them to apply for scholarships too. Many of these scholarships only allow students to apply if they major in a specific subject. The financial aid packages offered by Chippewa Valley Technical College go to both online and traditional students.

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