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Online Associate’s Degree Programs at Central Texas College

Central Texas College appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Affordable Associate’s in Hospitality Management Online.

Central Texas College now offers 30 associate’s degree programs that students can complete online whether they live in Texas or another part of the world. There is a hospitality management program with specializations in hotel management and food and beverage management. Both programs include Introduction to the Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Marketing and Sales, Hospitality Financial Management and Sanitation and Safety. In the hotel management specialization, students learn how to run hotels of different sizes and use front desk software. Those in the food and beverage specialization focus on running restaurants and working in food services. Both programs include an offline internship requirement too.

In the paralegal program available online, students train to work as paralegals and legal assistants. They can take legal electives in their last semester, but they must take required classes in their earlier semesters. Those courses include Wills, Trusts and Probate Administration, Law Office Technology, Civil Litigation, Contracts, Family Law and Criminal Law and Procedures. The college offers a business management major too that includes Business Principles, Human Relations, Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing and Human Resource Management. It’s available with a specialization in marketing and sales too.

Also available is a major in child development, which looks at how children grow, learn and develop over time. It features 60 credits with an internship that asks students to work in a childcare center as an assistant or educator. Most students do their internships in the final semester at the same time that they take some electives. Courses in the child development major include Educating Young Children, Creative Arts for Early Childhood, Wellness of the Young Child, The Infant and Toddler and Math and Science for Early Childhood. Other online majors include social work, business administration, applied management, medical office technology, medical billing and coding and homeland security and emergency management.

Online students can also complete their teaching certificates online and meet the requirements to work as licensed educators in Texas. There are also dozens of online certificate programs available for students who work in a professional setting, including IT network analyst and criminal justice addictions.

About Central Texas College

Central Texas College is a community college that offers technical programs as well as certificate and degree programs in Texas. Also known as CTC, it has several campuses across the state and its headquarters in Killeen. A group of locals living in central Texas helped establish the new college in 1969 as a school that would offer opportunities for residents of Bell County. The college received a donation of more than 500 acres in the central region that it used for the first campus. That campus opened in 1967 and gained full regional accreditation two years later.

Though originally known as a junior college, changes to the CTC curriculum led to it becoming a community college later. Many of its programs cater to the military students stationed at Fort Hood as well as their spouses and children. To further meet the needs of military students, CTC established small campuses on military bases across Europe. Those campuses allow students to take distance learning and traditional classes. Students can now earn both associate’s degrees and enroll in more than 40 certificate programs. There are also campuses in Brady, Gatesville, Lampasas and Hill Country. Students can take classes on nearly 30 military bases in the United States too.

Central Texas College Accreditation Details

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) granted regional accreditation to CTC through its Commission on Colleges (COC). This covers all the associate’s degree programs offered by the college, including all online programs. This gives students who have financial need the right to get aid when they submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It also lets students transfer credits from CTC to another community college or a full university and to bring credits to the college when they enroll. CTC has approval from the Texas Education Agency too.

Central Texas College Application Requirements

Prospective CTC students have a choice between applying online or in person. They can visit any campus and meet with an admissions representative to go over the application. The CTC application asks students where they attended high school and if they have a diploma as well as whether they have any college credits. Students may need to either visit a campus or submit documents through the mail to prove that they are Texas residents to qualify for in-state tuition. CTC will also accept applications submitted through the ApplyTexas website.

As part of the application process, students need to determine their testing needs. Those who took the ACT or SAT can submit their official scores. The college will use those scores to decide whether students need to take prerequisites or whether they can enroll in advanced math and English classes. Those who did not take a standardized test will need to take the placement test offered by the college. They can then meet with an academic advisor to pick a program and view their degree requirements. CTC asks that students meet with an advisor before they register for classes.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At CTC, online students pay rates based on where they live. Students who live in the same school district pay $90 per credit hour. Those who live in Texas but outside of the district pay $113 per credit hour. Students who are not from Texas pay $235 per credit hour. The last rate applies to students from other states as well as those from other countries. As long as they complete a FAFSA, they can get financial aid for the CTC school year.

CTC offers 170 scholarships and 200 total awards for incoming students. It offers scholarships for both traditional and online students. Students must apply to the college and then create an AcademicWorks account, which lets them apply for those programs. The college allows students to apply from January first through the end of March each year. There are grants and loans available too. Though grants can come from the state government, loans are only available from the federal government and private lenders. All financial aid programs cover the cost of attendance that students face when they enroll in an online associate’s degree program at Central Texas College.

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