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Online Associate’s Degrees Available at Casper College

Casper College appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Affordable Associate’s in Hospitality Management Online

Casper College designed an online learning management system that made it easier for students to sign up for and take online classes. Most classes include videos that professors record as they teach classes on the campus. Students can access those videos as part of their studies, but they’ll also have access to interactive videos. Those videos help students participate in real-time with other students taking the same classes.

The options for online students include 11 associate’s degree programs and one certificate program. Students can earn a certificate in retail management and merchandising. Though this is available as an on-campus degree program, the online certificate program includes fewer classes and gives students a strong understanding of retail techniques.

A popular online major available for Casper College students is in hospitality and tourism management with a focus on range management. Range management courses teach students how to keep livestock healthy with dietary changes, the basics of plant science and how soils can affect plants and animals. Students can take classes in agriculture, agribusiness and agriculture communications too. Other courses educate students on the basics of hospitality and tourism marketing, sales, employment laws, and similar subjects.

The agribusiness program offered by Casper College is one of its more popular online options. Students can sign a transfer agreement at the beginning of the first semester to show that they will transfer into a bachelor’s program later. The college can show them the requirements needed to transfer and help them pick the right college. Available as both an Associate of Science and an Associate of Applied Science, it includes Cultural Environment, Agriculture Business, Introduction to Agricultural Technology, Farm and Ranch Business Methods and Farm and Ranch Business Management.

In the office management program, students develop the skills needed to operate a small business and run an office, while the pre-physical therapy major helps students meet the requirements to transfer to a full physical therapy program. Those who major in general studies can also easily transfer to a college or university affiliated with Casper College. The college offers Associate of Science (AAS), Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Business (AB) and Associate of Arts (AA) programs in other fields too, including accounting and early childhood education.

About Casper College

Casper College is one of the biggest community colleges in Wyoming. Founded in 1945, it opened as the first junior college in the state. Enrollment was so small in the early years that the college held classes in a local high school after students left at the end of the day. As enrollment slowly increased over the next decade, the college found itself moving to a new campus in Casper. Named after the city, the college uses the nicknames Casper and CC. The main campus sits on more than 200 acres and has nearly 30 buildings that are open to students.

CC now offers more than 30 programs for career and technical students. These programs are similar to those available from vocational schools and include some hands-on and practical training. More than 50 full degree programs are also available and let students finish their studies in two years or less. Ranked as one of the nation’s top community colleges, the CC campus is home to the Tate Geological Museum, which is a popular attraction. Enrollment at Casper now includes more than 4,000 students.

Casper College Accreditation Details

Casper has accreditation for its business programs for the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Some of its other online and traditional programs have accreditation from groups that include the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The college also holds the accreditation needed for students who want financial aid, which comes from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Casper College Application Requirements

Before applying, Casper College recommends that students view its majors and pick which programs appeal to them. They can use the online application form, which asks them to select a major and a way to study, including online or on-campus. There is a PDF application available for those who have a problem using the internet. This version of the application requires that students fill out each section with a pen and that they send it to the Office of Admissions. They will also need to submit both a standardized test score and their transcripts. While Casper accepts both the ACT and SAT, it requires that students submit a score that is no more than one year old. It accepts transcripts sent through the mail and electronically. Students usually do not need to submit test scores if they transfer to the college, but they will need to provide their official transcripts. Other requirements for students include:

  • Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to get financial aid
  • Talking with an advisor online
  • Completing the online orientation
  • Registering for classes for the upcoming semester

Students can use their accounts to make an appointment with their advisors. That appointment allows them to get help registering for classes and looking at their degree requirements.

Tuition and Financial Aid

CC charges three different tuition rates. There is one rate for Wyoming students, another for nonresidents and a third for those who qualify for the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program. Residents pay only $134 per credit hour while WUE students pay $184 per credit hour. Nonresidents pay $333 per credit hour to attend the college. The cost for full-time students is $4,050 each semester for Wyoming residents, $5,520 per semester for WUE students and $9,990 each semester for non-residents.

With financial aid, undergrads attending Casper can reduce their total costs. Students can only get institutional aid from the college if they complete the FAFSA, which they usually need to do several months before the next semester starts. The college offers both foundation and institutional scholarships that go to those taking classes during the standard school year or in the summer. Students in select programs may qualify for an America’s Promise Grant, which provides students with up to $2,450 each year. Online students can use federal loans also. Casper College bases the financial aid packages it offers to online students on either their income or their parents’ incomes.

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