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Online Associate’s Degree Programs at Allen Community College

Allen Community College appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Affordable Associate’s in Web Development Online.

Allen Community College offers nearly 40 majors and programs for students who want to immediately find work outside of college and those who want to transfer and continue their studies. The college’s Associate of General Studies (AGS) is a good program for transfer students because it lets them take classes that appeal to them and meet all the requirements necessary to transfer to a four-year university. There are some certificate programs that train students to work in certain industries too. Those programs help students find work as certified nurse aides, home health aides, health care specialists and medical office assistants.

The college’s Associate of Arts (AA) programs focus more on arts than science but often include social science courses. Art majors can take studio arts courses and improve their sculpture, paint and drawing classes, but they can also take classes on web design. A similar program in anthropology helps students learn about previous generations and their cultures. The college offers a program in political science that looks at the theories behind politics. Some of the other majors for AA students include sociology, theater, secondary education, graphic design, elementary education, sports coaching and music.

Both Associate of Science (AS) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) programs are available from Allen Community College too. Pharmacy technician majors learn the ins and outs of working in a pharmacy, including how they can assist professional pharmacists and work with customers. Information technology majors can take classes on cybersecurity and network administration to learn the basics of helping business owners and individual clients with their computer needs.

About Allen Community College

Allen Community College is a community college in Iola, Kansas named for Allen County. District #10 of the Board of Education of Iola Public Schools oversaw the development of a new junior college, which it established in 1923. Called the Iola Junior College, it opened that same year and met for classes in the Iola High School. As it initially had an enrollment of fewer than 100 students, the high school provided the college with all the space that it needed. This would change as enrollment grew and would eventually lead to the college building a separate campus. That campus opened in 1966 and coincided with the school becoming Allen County Junior College. It did not become Allen County Community College or ACCC until 1980.

With an enrollment of more than 2,500 students, ACC now ranks as one of the largest community colleges in Kansas. It adopted distance learning programs to help students living in other parts of the state. Those programs now include options that let students complete all their degree programs on the web. The ACC campus is home to multiple residence halls that include apartments and dorm rooms for students and several cafeterias that provide meals and snacks for students too. ACC is one of the leading community colleges for students today.

Allen Community College Accreditation Details

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) awarded ACCC regional accreditation through its Open Pathways program. This program is only open to schools that earned accreditation from the HLC decades ago and maintained that accreditation. It allows the college to work with the HLC to identify its unique needs and the opportunities available for students. The HLC will review and renew its accreditation based on those standards.

Allen Community College Application Requirements

Senior Day takes place on the ACC campus every November and allows students to talk with professors, take a campus tour and learn about some of the opportunities available to them. They can also attend Open Enrollment events held on local high school campuses, which let high school seniors meet with academic counselors. They can skip the application process and immediately enroll in classes at the college. All of these events are open to both prospective students and their parents. They can also visit any of the ACC campuses to learn more before they apply. Students applying to the college’s online programs can talk to online counselors too.

ACC offers an online application that takes less than one hour to complete. This includes the time students spend setting up their accounts and filling out the application. They can apply with a high school diploma or a GED and while in high school. ACC asks for a high school transcript and transcripts from any other schools a student attended. It will also accept a home school transcript or a GED score/transcript. Students can provide an SAT/ACT score too. If they took one of these exams more than three years ago, they will need to take the ACCUPLACER placement test at one of the college’s campuses.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Unlike other community colleges that charge different rates for students who live in or out of the surrounding district, ACC charges the same rate for all American students. Residents and legal immigrants/aliens pay $60 per credit hour for their tuition. They also pay student and technology fees of $50 per credit hour and a textbook rental fee of $14 per credit hour. This brings their totals to $124 per credit hour. Students from outside of the United States pay additional fees and must purchase health insurance from the college too. ACCC offers room and board packages starting at $5,200 per year and has meal plans for commuters that cost $1,850 to $2,250 per year.

The HLC accreditation that the college holds is why it can grant financial aid packages that include programs and funds from the government. Students who complete the FAFSA and make sure that the college receives it before the start of the semester can get jobs working for ACC, loans and grants. Grants offered by the college provide free textbook rentals and tuition to employees and their spouses and children. One of the college’s scholarships provides funds to students starting classes in the summer. Other scholarships award students cash for school based on need and/or merit. Allen Community College provides financial aid packages that include scholarships and other awards for students in both its online and residential degree programs.

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