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Online Associate Degree Programs at the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Cheapest Associate’s in Graphic Design Degrees Online.

The Academy of Art University understands that students want to gain more experience before they search for jobs, which is why it offers seven different Associate of Art degrees that they can complete online. Each one focuses on a different area of art and allows students to live in major cities and rural areas as they hone their art skills. All of the online programs focus on an area of fashion.

One of those programs is in fashion itself. Students learn how to put new materials together in different ways and how to create pieces of art from clothing. They also learn the basics of designing for private clients and the public at large. The fashion styling program focuses on how professionals put looks together. Students need to know more about design elements and less about the construction of those fabrics. This program includes elements of styling hair and using jewelry and other accessories too.

Fashion journalism is another major that online students can choose. Designed for those who want to run their own blogs and websites, it teaches students how to critique looks and put their thoughts on paper. Students may do internships with leading fashion magazines and websites. The fashion marketing and merchandising programs are popular among those who want to work in other areas of the industry. They can learn how to buy and order products for others and how to create displays in shops that appeal to buyers. Both programs include some of the same classes.

Students can also earn degrees in fashion product development or fashion visual marketing. The visual marketing program is a good choice for those who want to work on the web. They learn how to appeal to buyers and how to create ads that will make buyers want to learn more and buy products. The product development program focuses more on the ways in which companies design and create new styles and products. Students learn how to do market research to see what shoppers want and how to work with designers to create new products that they will sell online and in stores.

Other online associate’s degrees at Academy of Art University include Graphic Design, Acting, Landscape Architecture, Photography, and several others.

About Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is a private university in California with a for-profit system. It uses the logo, “built for artists by artists” to show students that the university hires professional artists to help them. Richard S. Stephens established an art school in San Francisco in 1929 that offered programs in advertising arts. Stephens worked in the advertising world and wanted to show students some of the opportunities available to them and to help them become professional artists. His children would later take over the operations of the school and help its enrollment grow.

Academy of Art University has a main campus in San Francisco that provides students with internships and special programs that they can participate in around the city. This campus is also home to the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum, which is a popular destination for locals and tourists. A total of 618 faculty members work for the university, including experienced authors, directors, animators and artists. With an enrollment of 6,786 (4,555 undergraduate) students, Academy of Art University is one of the largest art schools in the United States.

Academy of Art University Accreditation Details

The National Association of Schools of Design (NASD) granted accreditation to all the design programs offered by the Academy of Art University. It also has accreditation for its architecture, teaching and interior design programs too. The main accreditation that Academy of Art University has is from the Senior College and University Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Academy of Art University Application Requirements

Academy of Art University looks for students willing to take on leadership roles within the art world as it keeps growing and changing. Those applying must demonstrate the art skills they already have and demonstrate a willingness to develop new skills. When prospective students contact the university online or over the phone, it will pair them with a personal academic counselor who will conduct an interview. This interview determines whether the student would be a good fit in the university and if the university can help that individual. The application that is available online is fairly basic and only takes 15 minutes to finish. Students will supply their payment information before they submit the application.

The academic counselors working for the university will then help students apply for financial aid and show them what they need to do to submit the FAFSA. It’s then a simple matter of registering for the next semester. Online students will go through this same process when applying to an associate program. They can get the same financial aid that bachelor’s students do but can finish their degrees in two years. Associate degree students will pay a $50 application fee and submit an official high school transcript. The university will accept a homeschool transcript or a GED too. Those applying to arts programs may need to submit their portfolios also.

Financial Aid

Academy of Art University hands out more than $1 million a year in scholarships and grants. Students can get up to $3,000 to cover the cost of designing and developing their portfolios. Another scholarship program awards funds to students who want to look at the connection between art and science. Transfer students and adults going to college can apply for a scholarship of $2,000 that helps them pay for some of their expenses. Academy of Art University also accepts the standard financial aid that students get with the FAFSA. Associate students may receive a traditional government loan or a PLUS loan in addition to a Pell grant. Students planning to enroll in an online associate degree program at the Academy of Art University can use all the funding options available to them.

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