5 Scholarships for Web Development Students

scholarships for web development students

  • Louis H. Schilt Memorial Scholarship
  • AP-Google Scholarship Program
  • Designed For You Scholarship
  • eSchoolView Web Design Scholarships
  • ESA Foundation Scholarship

When web development students look for scholarships that will help cover their education expenses, they are facing a lot of competition in a scarce market. In fact, according to the research conducted by CBS News, only 0.3 percent of all students in the U.S. have enough scholarships to cover all of their tuition costs. This is why web development majors should consider all of the lucrative opportunities currently available to them.

Vanguard Women in Technology Scholarship

Vanguard Women in Technology Scholarship is one of the most popular options available exclusively to female students pursuing degrees in areas of computer science, engineering, information technology, and web development. The awards range in amounts and go up to $10,000 depending on the recipient’s financial needs and qualifications. The scholarship is open to applicants who are classified as juniors or seniors, have a U.S. citizenship, and carry a cumulative GPA above 3.0. The financial award can be applied to everything from the basic tuition and fees to books and miscellaneous class supplies.

AP-Google Scholarship Program

When Associated Press established a partnership with Google, the AP-Google Scholarship Program was born. It is one of the largest awards offered to web development students as it goes up to $20,000. More importantly, a total of six students are selected for the scholarship every year. The minimum GPA requirement is the same as above and applicants have to attend a university based in the U.S. The preference is given to individuals with extensive leadership experience as well as those from underrepresented ethnic or geographic groups.

Designed For You Scholarship

Since a lot of web development students are working whilst taking college classes, the number of online programs is continuously rising. This has also contributed to a spike in the scholarships created for distance learners. Designed For You Scholarship is one of the more prominent ones as it carries a $2,000 award that has very few eligibility requirements. The endowment accepts applications from international students, adult working professionals, online learners, and practically anyone who is pursuing web development. The GPA requirement is also a bit looser as it stands at 2.0.

eSchoolView Web Design Scholarships

Investing In Our Future is a program instituted by the eSchoolView where web development students can get $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000 awards. There are eight annual recipients who are chosen based on their curriculum as well as a unique project that they have to present. Some of the most important factors include the candidates’ abilities to create home pages and resolve website design problems. They also have to turn in a letter of recommendation alongside a detailed budget showcasing the way in which they will utilize the money.

ESA Foundation Scholarship

ESA Foundation Scholarship was created in 2007 to support female and minority students. There are currently 30 awards of $3,000 each and they can be applied to tuition, fees, and educational materials. The eligibility requirements additionally include a minimum GPA of 2.75, U.S. citizenship, and a full-time class schedule. Students who have or plan to have a leadership role that ties into the web development program at their institution are prioritized. The entire application process is hosted online and remains open from the beginning of February to the end of April each year.


To ensure that one covers as many options as possible, it is crucial to apply for every web development scholarship where they maintain eligibility. In addition, every application should be approached on an individual basis as copying the material can seem unprofessional and insincere. Finally, constantly researching the market for top scholarships for web development students will help uncover and apply for new opportunities early.

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