5 Important Homeland Security Blogs

homeland security blogs

  • Security Debrief
  • Homeland Security Digital Library
  • In Homeland Security
  • Hometown Security
  • Gregory S. McNeal

There are many important homeland security blogs out there for not only homeland security professionals but also those who aspire to be part of this career. Blogs for homeland security specialists are useful tools for individuals to discuss homeland security news, learn about career opportunities in this field and simply network with others in the same line of work. They also offer information on continuing education and training programs for homeland security specialists. Here are five important homeland security blogs.

1. Security Debrief

This homeland security blog, which ranks on the top of the important homeland security blogs, is a cooperative blog written by many experts who have backgrounds in government and policy national security issues. There are also commentary and articles from veterans who are still employed in the field. Readers can find articles and blogs on a variety of homeland security topics, including border security, cybersecurity, immigration and visa policy, civil liberties, seaport security, smuggling and trafficking, social media and the homeland security industry.

2. Homeland Security Digital Library

Although Homeland Security Digital Library is a popular and important homeland security blog, it’s also an online resource for anyone interested in homeland security tips, ideas and articles. This blog site covers topics like cybercrime and national security, domestic terrorism, border security, active shooters, electronic surveillance, earthquakes, climate change and more. It also offers information on grants, homeland security offices, journals, statistics and dissertations. Almost anything remotely related to homeland security can be found on this blog site.

3. In Homeland Security

In Homeland Security is a non-commercial and non-partisan security blog sponsored by the American Military University. It covers a wide range of concerns related to homeland security, including law enforcement, military intelligence, border security, politics and government, cybersecurity, emergency preparedness, terrorism and threats, as well as analysis and commentary. Readers and bloggers also have the opportunity to sign up for regular newsletters. It’s a popular homeland security blog because it’s written by experts in the field.

4. Hometown Security

This blog site is written by John Bowen, an employee of the National Institute for Strategic Preparedness, and it involves issues on all types of homeland security with special emphasis on security news with a local focus. Readers will find interesting articles, opinions, thoughts and current news on homeland security. There is also information on other topics such as flu prevention, emergency awareness, immigration, dealing with disasters and more.

5. Gregory S. McNeal

This homeland security blog is named after the individual who originated it: Gregory S. McNeal, a professor of law, writer, drone expert and nationally-renowned commentator for Forbes. The blog contains a lot of information on law, technology, public policy and subjects related to drones. McNeal blogs about homeland security issues with a focus on legal aspects, such as educational information for different homeland security or criminal justice careers. Regardless of what level of homeland security job an individual might have, he or she will find something of interest in this research and academic blog.

Homeland security is a vast and diverse career field with jobs available with federal, state and local governments as well as with private and nonprofit organizations. Their work spreads across numerous disciplines, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Finding important homeland security blogs can be beneficial to those interested in homeland security or criminal justice careers as well as professionals already in these careers.

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