5 Great Podcasts for Paralegals

podcasts for paralegals

  • The Paralegal Voice
  • Lawyer 2 Lawyer
  • Bloomberg Law
  • The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology
  • The Modern Law Library

Today’s top podcasts for paralegals offer a unique and effective way with which to stay current for anyone wanting to. With so many podcasts out there, however, how does one find the most current and trustworthy sources of quality paralegal information? The following represent some of the best paralegal podcasts right now, so follow along, and leave all the old days of guesswork behind.

The Paralegal Voice

For a great, all-around paralegal podcast for any level of practitioner, The Paralegal Voice is a solid choice. Though this one only broadcasts once every three weeks or so, it is always focused on a highly relevant paralegal topic and presented and put together very well. Industry experts Vicki Voisin and Carl Morrison have faithfully maintained this podcast and hearty educational resource since 2009.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Lawyer 2 Lawyer is a witty and often hilarious take on the world of legal and paralegal work. Since 2005, this podcast, run by expert J. Craig Williams, has covered law changes, legal culture, legal ethics, legal process, and everything in-between. As of this writing, recent broadcasts by Lawyer 2 Lawyer have covered a wide range of legal topics including the liability factor of selfies, inside looks at the presidential impeachment, and recent supreme court rulings regarding firearms makers’ ultimate liabilities.

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law is a highly authoritative and exceptionally active legal and paralegal podcast. Here, followers get an ongoing analysis and breakdown of legal news events, important philosophical trends, and even theory and in-depth looks to the future of law methodologies. Bloomberg Law is maintained by the renowned Bloomberg media and journalism company.

The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology

While marketed more toward attorneys, The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology is truly a podcast that can also be incredibly helpful to paralegals and all others in the law office, as it covers tips, tricks, and industry-shaping news but with a focus on technology’s place in the legal office. This great show airs once each month. It is also presented by some top technologists, lecturers, and legal minds, and is officially sponsored by the American Bar Association.

The Modern Law Library

The Modern Law Library represents another effort by the American Bar Association, in podcast form, to educate a world of legal professionals and the public alike. In this twice-monthly podcast, there is great insight to be gleaned as top legal minds, from judges and lawyers to nationally-renowned paralegals, give their thoughts and experiences with each show. Recent show topics covered by The Modern Law Library, as of this writing, have included coverage of the thinking processes of sentencing judges, mastery of the jury selection process, and the impact of smart, new technologies on national security and the legal system.

Podcasts are a great way for lawyers, paralegals, and other law professionals to stay on top of the pack. These five, great options are among some of the best out there right now for this group of workers. In conclusion, the National Federation of Paralegal Associations and the American Bar Association are both excellent resources with which to inquire further about industry-recommended paralegal podcasts or any other, educational resources of the like.

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