5 Great Careers in Fire Science

5 Fire Science Careers

  • Firefighter
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Investigation
  • Law Enforcement
  • Forensic Science

Not many people know that this degree program exist, but you can actually work towards a degree in fire science. There are administrative jobs that utilize this education and then there are jobs that put you right into a fast paced and physical environment like fighting fires. At one time, this degree provided some very traditional careers like fire investigation but now the scope has been widened to include emergency management, homeland security, and more. Here are five great careers that you can consider if you are thinking about working in the field of fire science.

1. Firefighter

There are local fire departments that have their own program for becoming a firefighter but your opportunity to climb the ranks in the fire department of your choosing will be more available if you have your fire science degree. You will learn about the United States Fire Administration’s guidelines for protecting firefighters within their job. You will learn how to educate on fire prevention and fire control.

2. Emergency Medical Services

In more rural areas of the United States, fire departments require a certain percentage of their staff to be educated on emergency medical services. The purpose of this is, if a local emergency medical service company is unavailable to respond to a call, the fire department can step in and assist. You can utilize this education within your career as a firefighter or you can choose to work as an EMT or paramedic.

3. Investigation

Fire investigation is a competitive work force and having a fire science education will give you an edge on your competition. You are responsible for attending fires, and once you have been cleared to assess the site, you try to figure out where the fire started and how the fire started. There may be a clear answer such as faulty wiring, or there might be a criminal investigation that will take place.

4. Law Enforcement

When you have a fire science degree in your back pocket, you have a high probability of being accepted into a police academy. You are responsible for protecting lives and policing your jurisdiction. This career can lead to so much more like a detective or even FBI.

5. Forensic Science

You don’t have to specialize in forensics in order to work in the field, especially if you have a degree in fire science. You will be trained on the job to partake in investigations, criminal prosecution, etc. There is a lot of flexibility when you work in the forensics field and there are jobs available in many different sectors of law enforcement, government agencies and so on, according to the National Institute of Justice.

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Of course it is important to find a job field that is going to be lucrative and beneficial as you move along up the corporate ladder, but you want to find something that interests you as well. The perfect candidate for a fire science degree is one who enjoys a fast paced job, has the ability to analyze information, create scenarios and has a genuine care for their community and society. While you are working towards your degree, give some thought into what job you might try to apply for once you have graduated. You may be able to get an internship ahead of time, which often leads a job later on down the road.