5 Great Blogs for Those in Information Technology

blogs for information technology

  • Mashable
  • Tech Crunch
  • ReadWrite
  • GigaOM
  • Coding Horror

Working in information technology requires staying up-to-date, which is what makes these five great blogs for those in information technology a big help. Each of these blogs offers a different perspective. The regularly updated content allows information technology workers to explore new ideas, get tips on how to improve their skills and make connections within the industry.


Mashable is a fun blog for anyone to read, but it is an especially ideal blog for people who work in information technology. The blog covers technology and social media trends. Mashable also explores how technology fits into everyday culture and how people approach new types of technology in their everyday lives. There are different authors who post blogs on Mashable, so the perspectives and topics tend to be wide. All of the Mashable content is available for free, and there is no paywall on the blog.

Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch offers up-to-the-minute breaking news about technology and the tech industry. As soon as a new product is developed or ready to go on the market, Tech Crunch has information about it. Internet trends, the Internet of Things and technology startups are a few of the topics explored on Tech Crunch. Visiting Tech Crunch also provides access to the CrunchBase, which is a database of who’s who in technology. Visitors can find out who runs companies, what the company has coming down the line and whether or not it is a publicly traded firm.


Founded in 2003, ReadWrite is one of the older continuously-operating blogs about technology. It is geared toward people who work in technology and want to learn more about how different types of technology are implemented and evaluated. ReadWrite frequently takes a look at small companies and startups that do not get a lot of media attention. The blog posts may focus on the founder of one of those startups, the software it makes or a device that it is developing. There are a lot of different guest bloggers, so readers will get a fresh perspective every time they visit the blog.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cloud computing knowledge will be increasingly important for people who work in information technology. The GigaOM blog keeps information technology workers updated about cloud computing, new devices and new pieces of software. It also looks at some emerging coding techniques that information technology workers should be aware of. This blog also explores how business, the media, everyday users and information technology workers can make the most efficient and effective use of different pieces of technology.

Coding Horror

Coding Horror takes a look at the human element and humor in technology. Working in information technology can be frustrating because of the humane element. Not everyone is tech-savvy, and information technology workers will have to get information from those people and explain things in a way that they can understand. Coding Horror shares anecdotes and everyday work experiences. It also has tips on how information technology workers can communicate with people who are not the most current in technology knowledge or experience. Some of the blogs are about the author’s life and his own experiences with technology.


These five blogs on information technology and related areas of expertise offer a glimpse into fresh ideas, upcoming trends and what to expect when working in the field. The blog posts on these websites are ADA-compliant, allowing them to be accessed with screen readers and on mobile devices for enhanced convenience. Each of these five great blogs for those in information technology provides a good way to spend a few minutes of downtime when waiting for software updates or database migrations to take place.

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