5 Fast-Growing Psychology Careers

fast growing psychology careers

  • Organizational Psychologists
  • Vocational and Career Counselors
  • School Psychologists
  • Engineering Psychologists
  • Forensic Psychologists

Fast-growing psychology careers reflect the unique needs of today’s society in a number of areas. As more and more people are seeking help to deal with school-related violence, career indecision, staffing issues, or understanding the criminal mind, opportunities for psychology graduates are increasing at a rapid pace. While some of these careers are growing faster than others, five of the fastest-growing psychology occupations are described in the sections that follow.

Organizational Psychologists

For businesses to be successful, they must operate efficiently and smoothly. And to accomplish this, their employees should be satisfied and happy in their job roles. Organizational psychologists, sometimes referred to as industrial psychologists, work to improve employee productivity by solving problems in the work environment. Common tasks of persons in this profession include designing applicant screening tests, helping human resource personnel select candidates, developing motivation techniques, conducting management training programs, and helping maintain a healthy workplace.

Vocational and Career Counselors

Another fast-growing psychology career is that of a vocational and career counselor. As more people than ever are striving to change careers or locate an ideal first career, these positions are growing faster than the average rate for all occupations. This coincides with information obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which states that the need for career counselors and similar occupations is expected to increase by about 13 percent over the next several years. The main responsibility of vocational and career counselors is to help clients decide on an occupation that will suit their interests and abilities.

School Psychologists

A rapidly-growing psychology career that is perfect for graduates who enjoy working with children involves school psychology. School psychologists can be found working in both public and private schools on all levels. Their main jobs are to assess students emotional and psychological problems, design effective treatment plans, and make referrals as necessary. Other tasks performed by school psychologists often include meeting with parents to discuss children’s emotional and social problems, administering psychological tests, and designing learning programs.

Engineering Psychologists

Obtaining a position as an engineering psychologist is a great choice for psychology students who are interested in technology. The main goal of these fast-growing psychology careers is to examine how people interact with technology. Another important responsibility of engineering psychologists is to ensure that these interactions are safe, efficient, and necessary. These professionals are often employed by large businesses to help examine existing procedures related to technology and to improve them as needed.

Forensic Psychologists

Forensic psychology is not only one of the fastest-growing psychology careers today, but it is one of the highest-paying as well. These positions are perfect for psychology graduates who are fascinated with the criminal mind and what makes some people deviate from normal societal behavior. The main responsibilities of forensic psychologists are to evaluate criminals and try to determine their motives for various crimes. Other common tasks of these experts include determining competency of persons waiting for trial, determining witness credibility, and evaluating child custody cases.


Psychology is an intriguing field for students who enjoy examining human behavior in a variety of situations. And for those who are looking for some of the fastest-growing psychology careers today, the information provided above may very well help them find the career of their dreams.

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