Typical Responsibilities of Web Development Professionals

web developer duties

  • Create and Edit Code
  • Optimize Sites for All Users
  • Communicate with Clients or Management
  • Collaborate with Team Members
  • Update Professional Skills

Every modern business needs a presence on the internet and Web developers are usually the ones who make that happen. While developers apply dozens of different skills depending on their specific position, almost all of them share a few basic duties that define their responsibilities at work. Their role within an organization or design team may be general or specialized to certain tasks or duties.

Create and Edit Code

Many Web developers spend a lot of time writing and checking code associated with website design. Modern websites typically incorporate images, text and interactive design to engage users, which requires seamless application of various programming skills. JavaScript, HTML and PHP are just a few of the languages commonly used in Web design. Even a single error on one line of code can cause crippling performance or display issues on a site, so developers also have to painstakingly check and edit their work to make sure it’s perfect.

Optimize Sites for All Users

One of the biggest challenges in software or website development is making sure the final version works for as many users as possible. The prolific use of smart phone technology has compelled many businesses to redo their site to optimize it for mobile viewers. However, developers also have to account for specific issues related to popular browsers, as well as differences in operating systems and quality of internet service.

Communicate with Clients or Management

Web development professionals may fill permanent positions in larger organizations or take on a consulting role as a freelancer. In either case, the ability to communicate with clients or company decision makers is key. Developers need to understand what the person wants and how to realistically achieve those objectives. It’s up to the developer to express what solutions are available to address larger challenges or objectives.

Collaborate with Team Members

Some developers handle the entire process of Web development on their own, but many work alongside at least a few other creative and technical professionals to do their job. Most can expect to coordinate and work with content writers, graphic artists and other developers on a regular basis. Developers should also be prepared to educate some of their colleagues about basic protocols and practices for making direct changes to the website.

Update Professional Skills

Website developers enjoy a relatively strong average salary of around $68,000 and there is expected to be high growth in demand in the years ahead, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this doesn’t mean prospective and current professionals can afford to be complacent about their careers. As technical experts, developers always need to look for opportunities to learn about new technology and trends in their field. Continuing education and professional development are valuable for sharpening essential skills and knowledge.


Websites have steadily grown in scope and complexity over the last few decades, evolving from pictures and text to interactive user experiences. Ultimately, a Web developer’s most important duty is to build a website that leaves a positive impression on users and satisfies the needs of their client or employer.

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