What Careers are in Early Childhood Education?

early childhood education careers

There are many excellent careers in early childhood education for individuals who enjoy working with young children. Early childhood education is a term used to describe educational programs for preschool children before they’ve entered Kindergarten, which is a time that can be vital in preparing and shaping young minds and showing them learning can be fun. Here are some careers that can be found in early childhood education.

Preschool Teacher

Preschool teachers are the trained professionals who work with young children prior to Kindergarten. They help the child adjust to being away from home and in a learning environment while also ensuring they provide the child with a safe, secure and nurturing environment. Preschool teachers may start off as teacher’s aides or assistant teachers and work under the supervision of an experienced teacher. They may work in many different companies, such as public schools, private schools and child care centers, among others. Because of this, their duties can vary, but they typically see various chances for advancement. The educational requirements can vary from certification to an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree.

Childcare Center Director

Childcare center directors are in charge of the day-to-day operations of a preschool, daycare or other childcare centers. They set standards and objectives for the facility, develop relationships with parents, and personally train and oversee the staff that cares for the children. Childcare center directors also perform administrative duties like career counseling, bookkeeping and staff evaluations. Their other duties may include monitoring teacher progress, developing children’s programs, preparing budgets and collaborating with teachers to improve curriculum standards. Although the training requirements can vary from state to state, most require childcare center directors to have a bachelor’s degree early childhood education with certification in child development.

Family Support Specialist

Family support specialists are teachers who play an important role in helping families in need of assistance. The needed assistance may be with child care services, child care placement or getting their children into special child programs. The family support specialist is often very helpful for families suffering from problems, such as divorce, health issues or similar emotional crisis. They help the families determine eligibility for different government programs and offer referrals to community services. They may also offer assistance with employment, housing or transportation. Family support specialists typically have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

Home-based Service Provider

Sometimes a young child can benefit from an in-school environment but, for whatever reason, cannot attend school, so a home-based service provider will come to the home to work with the child. The child may be too young to attend school, or the parents may feel more comfortable having a young child at home during a learning experience. Home-based service providers may be in the form of preschool teachers, Head Start teachers or nannies. They may work with one child or several children at once. Home-based service providers may have associate’s degree, but it’s not always required. They’re often able to set their own hours.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that preschool teachers could see a job growth of 15 percent between 2021 and 2031. Individuals who pursue careers in early childhood education not only can look forward to many career opportunities but also play an important role in helping young children during a very important phase of their lives academically.

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